Find out here :)

Mine is "Singing Swami" :D

mine is ******* ****

Zandiago is "Excessive Knight" on earth they came up with one!
My real name is "Pissed Mercenary" i really that hostile....

actually mine says "master snake"

Mine says
"Old Enchanter" for full name
"Master Veteran" for just my first name :P
And for Serunson it says:
"Old Pupil"
I think Master Veteran works for me :)

I will now be known as "Firey Prophet" :idea:

Bobbyraw from this day forward you
will also be known as Widow Samurai

Heh, uniquestar will now be know as Intellectual Geek!

Then my middle name : Crouching Genius...then the name of my country is : Old Knight