hi, greetings to all. i have joined this forum very recently. I am from India, male aged 49. I am interested in computers, new software.
Guys, I will be thankful if you could kindly help me in solving this problem.
I am having win XP and a network card (Realtek RTL8139 PCI fast ethernet adapter) and a smartAX MT882 ADSL modem. The LAN connection is working very well in winxp and I am getting internet. But I want to use LINUX as a second operating system. I have tried many distros of linux like knoppix, DSL linux, Puppy Linux, mandriva-2007 but no distribution detects my netcard. I cannot configure my netcard and I am new to linux.

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Welcome abaord...hope you'll enjoy it here...please post your question in the tech forum...this is strictly for introductions!


Give Ubuntu Linux a shot: http://www.ubuntu.com. If you're seriously having issues with exotic/unsupported hardware configurations, you can always try installing any off-the-shelf version of Linux you like under VMWare http://vmware.com/download/ws/.

The Workstation product is available as a fully-functional free trial, and the Player product is completely free of charge. I run various operating systems concurrently using the Linux version.

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