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Move to the desert! I haven't heard or seen one of those buggers for the last 10 years.

He wanted to know how to fight them though... not avoid them :)
I stand by tiny pointy sticks or perhaps tiny swords. Tiny guns would be unfair as they can't hold those well with their little feet.


We have to be very careful not to get bitten where I live because mosquitoes may carry west nile virus. So we try to avoid being outdoors for long periods of time especially at night. There are normally a few deaths in my area each year from those insects. I don't know what affect they have on bats, who love to eat them.


A thing that works well is spray-starch, sold for starching your shirts. I used one of those by accident one night, and the next morning found a lot of the pest unable to fly with rather stiff wings.


I don't know what affect they have on bats, who love to eat them.

There's apparently a lot of affection between bats and mosquitoes ;)

But don't worry. Bats eat mozzies, germs carried by mozzies get digested in bat stomach and are killed.


A few deaths each year in your area alone? Eek.

Several problems with West Nile:
1) it's often not diagnosed in time for treatment to be effective.
2) it's become such a big scare that any unexplained death is blamed on it unless there's clear evidence it's something else.


Maybe you could run around with a sharpened tiny straw and suck their blood for a change.

It might teach them a lesson... but it probably tastes icky :(


To get rid of mosquitos.....bring in the infantry...the Mother of All Bombs...or perhaps..Russia'sclaim of the King of all Bombs...that ought to get rid of these pests...actually, i know people who burn the skin of orange and it seems to work...not recomend to burn depending on where you live...


hmm, why do you post a picture of a very small nuclear explosion when talking about a big one?

Now THIS is a BIG nuclear explosion (Ivy Mike, 12MT) ;)

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I like it too! :)
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PS, what you posted was a photo of a test of a nuclear artillery shell. Sub-kiloton range.

For clearing mosquitoes, I think the smaller device would be more suitable...

as though nuclear devices could be considered suitable... :icon_biggrin:


get a pig or a dog and sleep near it

thats what they do in the jungle, it bites them instead

Unless you yourself smell like a pig or a dog. Very likely in the jungle.


I believe a nice big nuclear detonation about 100 ft above the ground should fix them pesty insects.

Of course the radioactive fallout could mutate the mosquitos to form giant size mosquitos! Ah, a new Hollywood movie is born, staring Ancient Dragon in a rubbersuit with wings and a long snorkel up front, chasing bunnies on the beach.


revenge of the bunny killing mosquitoes?

Does have a ring to it, but it's more of a title for a mid-1980s B movie than a real blockbuster I'm afraid.


what is the best way to fight mosquitos?

Use mosquito net in your window, door and if possible put a net around your bed.


that's not fighting mosquitoes, that's admitting defeat.
You're defining your room as a place where you are, the rest of the world you give to the mozzies.


Then there are those little oscillators that emit a frequency close to the wingbeat of the smaller male mosquito. The females avoid areas like that and they are the ones that bite.

Agent orange is normally contaminated with other chemicals that cause mutations. Again, you run the danger of mutating the mosquitos into giant Hollywood-style mosquitos. With some luck you could mutate humans into something so horrifying that even mosquitos won't bite.


No No guys....we're taking this too far...I have a 3rd degree blackbelt....mosquitos don't mess around me anymore...


Umm! Set the temperature of your AC to -0 (!?!). I am sure, those blood sucking mosquitoes will freeze to death ! Oh well, if you dont have an AC at home, you can hide behind the door and attack them from behind !

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