ABout 3 minutes ago, lasted about a minute
it was the most intense earthqualke I've ever felt by far. My grandma got really frightened and i put her to lie down. About to call my gf to see if she'd ok.

HOLY crap my mobile network is down!!!

The mast probably fell in the shake. what's it like being in an earthquake?

kinda scary. It got really intense and then it just wouldn't end. It seems my original stimations were wrong cause people are saying it was more like 5 minutes.

For a second this really silly thought hit me only it didn't seem silly at the time. They say the area where we live is in the crater of an extinct volcano. I was thinking "what if we're gunna be blown to sunshine?"

As long as there's an internet signal up there and a pc you'll be fine ;)

There was another one early this morning. I didn't feel it (although I was up), but people claim to have felt it. I really hope it's not a sign of something messed up with our tectonic plates. Although, I wouldn't mind so much if St. Vincent shifted a good bit away from Barbados :twisted:

I'd be more worried about the tectonic plates if there were no more earthquakes. It would mean they'd stopped moving which would in turn indicate the mantle no longer moves, which is the result of the earth's core having cooled down too much.
That means the loss of the earth's magnetic field, which protects us from lethal doses of cosmic radiation...

earth quakes are very natural phenomenons
it has nothing to do with end of earth

Well the end of the earth could result in yellow stone national park erupting and filling the world with sulphur, toxic gasses and soot to cause a mass freezing of the planet. Ah... what a fun planet we have :)

that won't be the end of the world though. The force of the Yellowstone explosion won't be enough to rip the planet apart, certainly not to rip it apart well enough that the pieces won't just collapse together again due to gravity afterwards ;)

Well the sheer force of an eruption of that magnitude would result in earthquakes being triggered all across the USA. Along with that, tsunamis would occur due to earthquakes under the sea floor, cause all sorts of damage. Then of course we have all the other earthquakes across the globe which could 'blow their tops' because of one huge eruption.

Which disaster movie is this?

We have small earthquakes in the LA area quite frequently, enough to remind and spook you. I guess you just learn to swing with them.

hmmm. i already got a big one a few years ago, it was happened in my country and the point in my town... the earthquakes make all of building is collapse, thousands people died and many road broken and cracked.

I live in Seattle which is only Earth-quake prone - we don't actually get them all that much like they do in California but since I use FireFix - I picked up this cool little add-on eQuake Alert!!! which keeps me up to date on all the quakes of the world. Right now the most recent >4 quake was in Martinique an M4.6. Alaska is looking pretty active right now tool