I no longer have computer access at work (changed positions for a while) and I will be working 70+ hour weeks until christmas (wish me luck). I will miss you all

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Josh is just jealous he didn't think of it first :)
Thanks for checking in.. but.. um.. no one cares!
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You're wrong, AD. :) Everyone knows that people are supposed to be spending their entire work day browsing DaniWeb, silly.


Me too..:(
I will not available for 20-25 days from now due to Network+ exam ahead...so meet you later all my friends..miss you all :)


les competiton for me ;)

im determined to exceed dani in post count before the summer

only ~3000 to go

I doubt you can really catch up with her -- all she has to do is double her post count in the database. Afterall, the Queen can do anything :)


lol but if she does I will cry corruption and take the moral high ground ;)

Moral high ground!
moral high ground?
Moral? high ground!
Moral high! ground?

For some reason, I get an image of a huge expanse of Dismal Swamp with one lonely hummock poking up out of the muck along about twilight. Mosquitoes, huge mosquitoes are buzzing around carrying off the less fortunate denizens of the lounge; further off in dimness, one hears the powerful snap of crocodile jaws and the cut-short screams of another lounge lizard. There, on the hummock back-lit by the setting sun, is our hero jbennet valiantly trying to push csgal back into the muck with a broken oar.

Sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.

nothing to see here, move along folks


Well i know Bennet is sad enough to post irrelevant rubbish to make sure that he becomes the 'king' of Daniweb. Sigh, what a pointless life that poor child has.......
Well if he does it, Dani always has something up her databaseing sleeves....


STFU serunson. I never post rubbish, im all over the dead machines and xp/2k forums unlike you who rarely if ever posts on tech threads

~1150 to go

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