Hi all. I guess I did things backwards. I already posted my first post asking for help before I introduced myself. (Just really needed to get this problem solved. ha ha) I have taught myself pretty much everything I know about making webpages. I am in the process of trying to expand my horizons and teach myself PHP and MySQL. When I get those down, I will try to learn something else. I've been teaching myself with different online forums I have been finding, but lately I have been having questions that they just weren't answering, so I did some surfing and found this site. Looks like a great place to find information from a wealth of extremely bright people. I hope you guys don't mind a bunch of seemingly dumb questions. ha ha. I like to listen more then talk/ask, but sometimes I need clarification on things.
I am actually a professional motorcycle racer that really got into making web pages as a means of promoting my sponsors. Now I am trying to make a little extra money to help pay for the racing. I travel alot, so I was looking for a way to make money while I was on the road. I have been told that I make some decent sites. I have always tried to follow a good design rather then throw in a bunch of flashy stuff just because I could. But now I am seeing that I do need to learn some of these more advanced scripting to be able to have my pages keep up with the current stage of things. Thanks for all the great advice that has already been posted on this site, and the great advice that I am sure will continue to be shared with us newbies.

Welcome...hope you'll enjoy it here!

Thanks everyone. Yeah, this looks like a really great spot, I'm sure I will really enjoy it.