Hello. Im not sure if this is the place to put this thread, so sorry if it's in the wrong spot.

I spilled some kooliad on my laptop two days ago and within 5 seconds it flashed a white screen a couple of times and then shut off. I pulled the power and the battery, soaked up what I could and then started taking it apart.

I have it stripped completely down now and can see where some of the koolaid hit the board, right next to the processor. Not much of it hit the board though. Most of it stayed on the keyboard and then down through a fan, but enough to shut it down.

Can anyone tell me the best way to clean the motherboard off? What do I need to get? I have seen several people say types of alchohol and then others say it damages it.

Also, is there any hope that it will start back up?

Thanks for the help.

Koolaid on the motherboard? Not good.. probably permanently damaged it.


The first thing I would suggest you do is carefully remove the HD and put it in a really safe place, or find a similar machine to plug the HD into so you can get some backups done.

Observing correct ESD precautions whilst working would be paramount to avoid further damage.

The best bet would be to find someone who offers a "no fix, no fee" repair service, or at least gives you a free estimate up-front.

Well. I have since taken the laptop apart, down to the very last piece and cleaned it all. even re-compounded the cpu. prayed for a bit, put it back together and it is working.

man, i lucked out. backing up everything now.

Some of the keys are still sticking, but i just rinsed it off real fast and will be cleaning it more later.

thanks for the help though guys.

lol. i did however end up with two extra skrews.