I received the following message on Meetup.com from someone named Nathaniel Granor:

Hi Dani- I'm the regional director for TEALS, a non-profit program that is helping NYC schools start teaching computer science. We have a school in Flushing that is in need of 1-2 additional TAs to help with an AP Computer Science class (Java programming). I'm wondering if any members of your meetup group might be interested in participating. You can contact me directly at Nathaniel@tealsk12.org (website: tealsk12.org).

Hi Nathaniel, lets talk as I am the Chairman of the Bayside High School industry advisory board. Let's discuss some networking options.

Dave, I know you mentioned to me earlier that it would be a good idea to pair Nathaniel up with Renne Castro, the Computer Programming and Web Design Director for Bayside High School. I am staring at his business card with his email and phone number and not sure if I should post it publicly. Nathaniel can private message me :)

Hi there- Dani, thanks for posting my message!
The TEALS program is serving 15 high schools in NYC this year, and we are looking for a few more TAs. Folks can read about the program at tealsk12.org/volunteers.

I've messaged David and will touch base with Dani as well.

Follow up: Sent Nathaniel Renne's contact information.