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Mass HTTP 404 errors can show up in GWT for all sorts of reasons. The bad requests might be caused by a misconfigured redirect, or speculative requests by a bot, misconfigured cross domain tracking in Google Analytics, or numerous other possibilities. To get a better idea of what is going on, I'd suggest taking a looking at your web server logs, because data presented in Webmaster tools, like Google Analytics, has been anonymized to prevent you from identifying individual actors.

Web server logs normally include a user agent string field which can help to identify bots. If the bot is well behaved it will observe a directive placed in your robots.txt file. If it's a bad bot you might consider blocking it's IP address. However the most appropriate response for a resource that doesn't exist is of course an HTTP 404 error.

Let us know what you find.


I also have seen this in myown website though they were not the porn sites. I also don't know how to tacle this, unecassary 404 error showing in my website's webmaster property.


What a surprise (NOT) that the OP does not return to this thread to acknowledge the help that people have kindly provided. Anyone would think he was just a spammer posting 'questions' to which he already knows the answer (as a web developer and SEO 'expert') just in order to expose his signature link...

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