I have ecommerce site which contains 10k + pages, so how to generate sitemap for such large site.

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This is not a new issue. https://www.google.com/search?q=generate+sitemap+for+such+large+site finds the priors and it's not so much it can't be done but it's all about YOUR GOALS.

For me to look at a sitemap I want it to give me the dozen or so areas of the site.
Then you have folk that are doing the sitemap for SEO.
And then you have what I call OCD types that want every page in the site map.

Find the spec the web site owner(s?) want for the mapt and then go try to make that map.


Are you talking about an xml file for the purposes of google webmaster tools? I highly recommend it for SEO purposes because it helps googlebot intelligently crawl your site by allowing you to specify when pages were last updated, how often they change, etc. Be sure to only include pages that are indexable, meaning they are not behind a login or noindexed.


He's spamming, again and again and again. He is a web development company that claims to be a "SEO Expert" when selling his services to his customers. Either he's lying to them or lying to us.

He is also ONE MORE INFRACTION away from ANOTHER ban. He has picked up infractions from multiple mods over multiple years and I, for one, am fed up with it...

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