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I've used Google AdWords in the past and found it very useful. But there is technical way in using it, so best you spend a day in learning about how to put a campaign together but you get started - or just outsource the work to someone who is AdWords qualified.

Here are the best ways to advertise your business

Add your business to review sites
Email signature
Social Networks
Leave biz cards in library books
Post cards on windshields
Advertise on yourself


You Should Go For Seo..
Link Exchange is an easy way to trade links or advertise your website.


Hi and welcome to DaniWeb! I had a lot of trouble getting people to come to my sites at the beginning. But I learned that they cannot come unless they see you. So you have to make yourself visible in every way possible! Do you have a Facebook fanpage?
Do you know what social sites fall into your niche and are you visible in them? Are there any special groups online that fall into your category and do you have friends there? Are you on Twitter and are you collecting a slew of warm and enthusiastic followers? Those were things I was adviced to do, and unitl I did them, my turn-around didn't come, so I pass the good advice to you!
Wish you well!

. The company provides web hosting, domain and search engine submission and optimization, stating they will submit my site to 400 search engines each month

I use a similar service provided by my hosting company and have found it to be very good ! definitely recommend this if its the same service.

Sometimes, the best form of marketing is the free kind. I'm thinking of online marketing. You have a professional looking website so you should use it to your advantage. Update your website regularly, write regular blogs providing tips, advice and latest news, use social media to spread the word.

According to me Link exchange are very effective way of getting long term traffic as well you should go for forum posting in those sites which are relevant to your site theme , from forum posting you will get backlinks also.

google adwords then advertise your website on website which provides services or content that you are looking for.

Once you start your business its very important to take the help of professional agency as this would help in promoting your business through making pr firms, do some media placements, live broadcasting etc. So I guess ad agencies or advertisement is the most necessary part in doing business and its the best and safest way to advertise or promote your business.


I disagree with what you said. And you got to have money to get help of a professional agency.
My opinion is that an marketing agency is far after you open the business. First you need to know what you ask from it ... and tha includes making the business for yourself first.

Make ads on ad posting sites, facebbok marketing, Google+ marketing, Yahoo answer marketing etc. I think these are the best way of advertise your business.

It's probably not a good idea calling people here IT geeks, I'm thinking. You do post some thought-provoking questions, though, and it would be interesting to see how people would answer them.

When you want to increase your business and serve more customers/clients, one of the best ways is through advertising by having link of your site.

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