SNIP is a site. Where efficiency measurement software is available which can make life easy for healthcare management. The software helps in evaluating performances and pay per performance for healthcare management. I need to market my this site but ... how should i do that? i need ideas.. Can u help?

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I think you will need to start from linkbuilding.

Go to respective forums in this niche and start marketing there.

Exchange links with some related webmasters.

Participate in social communities and let them know about this software.

Make a video and post to youtube and other video sites.

Post your URL to Digg, Delicious, Mixx.


I think you should optimize your site for organic search results and start promoting through relevant forums, blogs and social community sites.


These are all fantastic ideas! One thing that I always like to test first is the site's social propensity (whether not people are internally motivated to spread your site for you). It completely depends on how compelling your idea is. A great test for social propensity is either stumbleupon, digg, or digg-esque social media sites. If your idea is compelling, you will have the opportunity of other people creating links for you.

It can get downright exciting when this happens.

A good way to increase the social propensity of your site is to offer something for free... an ebook, how-to, video series, whitepaper, who knows!

Good luck out there!

Dave Romero


The internet has become very complex in the last few years. Too many gurus and so called experts can easily confuse and distract us. It is good to go through a good and reliable learning under some one who has made it on the internet.

Check out the names of people and look for FREE training programs or courses that you can take to refresh and check your level of knowledge. There are some good courses available on the net. There are also some honest person with good integrity who have made it big and are willing to teach us.


Write article or blogs which are related to your market theme.
Create backlinks to your main site from your articles or blogs.
Post it to article directories and other social networking sites to spread the news.
Good Luck! :icon_cool:

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