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I doubt you can make money with forums posting.this day many webmaster irritate with so many forums poster that only posting their post using xrumer and degrade their forums value infront of Google SERPS

I don't think having a link in a signature gives you money, it may give you some extra traffic which normally bumps up your bounce rate but apart from that it is just about building relationships with other forum members.

I don't come on here often because I have mainly one or two other favourites but how someone could keep up with many more is a little beyond me. It must say that somebody out there makes money from them.

Very useful and easily written to understand how forum signature works. Many thanks to you!

I 'm sure that forum signatures do generate traffic to a website. My question is: Is it worth the time?

I could very well be spending that time with other productive tasks. The question is, what's more productive?

Sometimes some forum show signatures but after sometime they remove that signatures this effects your promotion.

Hi dude,
forum signatures are also very good way for getting backlinks. your theme also will also be strong.

I don't really belive that sigs drive a lot of traffic.
Well, if only its owner pays attention to it all the time)

Making money with forum signatures is not that easy, many firms offer this service, but of course it is possible. SEO is always in demand and most everyone knows that links are the way to drive traffic to a site.

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