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hello friends,i need help from you regading my site i have a site regarding the replica handbags and i want to sell handbags with my site.but i have no success.i worked on it from last 3-4 month.

have it on and feature all your products. then go to facebook and create a community talking about something relates to the handbags. this way you will get lots of readers coming to your site and from there, it can also have possible customers.

With the help of unique and best content, nice pictures of products, good design, high PR, and focus on social media networks, you may enhance your visitors and sell your product easily.

+1 . You also need to do some research, as well as reading on some strategies to win costumers.

May I also advice you to stop selling replicas. It's better to feature ORIGINAL designs and products.

Did you try advertising it on Twtitter? Making an account and placing tweets with your links?
This has worked very well for me.

As mentioned above you do have a lot of competition so it might be good to start with a landing page (just search unbounce) to get you started. Then you can run a simple adwords campaign to see what ads work and where you can differeniate yourself from that competition.

What have you been trying? It's possible that you're either trying the wrong methods or simply implementing the right strategy in a wrong way. If you can give more information people would be able to suggest a better strategy or plan of action for you.

Actually, I have found many spamming blogs and forums with links to Replica Handbags and I was just wondering why all these people who are posting for these replica handbags are spamming instead of posting something with quality.

On some blogs you can see comments posted by these replica handbags guys with more than 10 links in the same comment to their website. All these guys are spammers, so I suggest everyone not to encourage these spammers.

First of all, I must tell you the truth, I'm an artisan, a blogger and a merchant, not a computer expert, so SEO is extremely intimidating to me. I am learning it, though, with good and appropriate reading, but it is a slow process. You cannot jump into the ocean if you cannot swim, so to be online, with all the competition and a saturated market, you need to know what you're doing, if you don't, you need to learn it and FAST! One thing I must tell you is that you HAVE to have something original to sell, otherwise, you will be ignored by savvy customers who know where to get what they want. Knockoffs are not original. Sit down and think things through really well. Get something other merchants don't have. Why would someone come to your store? What is it that you offer that they can't find ANYWHERE else? When you can offer that, you can market it successfully! Wish you well.

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