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The above responses are all very helpful and true. Like many others have states, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will in essence draw desired traffic to your site. The methods of SEO vary from simple to very sophisticated. You should "Google" it and begin learning a little. It is great for a website or business. best of luck.

On Page SEO - making the actual site search engine friendly.

Off Page SEO - Link Building

The whole process is to make your site rank at the top of the search engines.

SEO is the method of ranking your website on search engines by deciding keywords and then your website will come on google or any other rankings against of that keyword..!

Search engine optimization,it is a slow and long term process to make your website search engine friendly,So that it can rank better in SE.
It based on two parts.
1. On-page optimization(it includes working on the site/web page)
2. Off-page optimization(it includes working off the site/web page)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of promoting your website to get to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

seo stands for search engine optimization and it is used for making our website popular and due to seo our website come in the search engine and due to this our website become popular

SEO all we known as search engine optimization..There is a lot of way on using SEO Like Blogging link building ETC.the main goal of SEO is to have a nice page rank in any search engine like google bing yahoo etc.Now a days SEO is really diffucult because we have a lot of competitors good luck on you..:)

There's a lot of SEO companies out there offering their services.
Have you tried anyone of them, If you do can you please tell
us your experience with them. For my case I have just purchased
package from backlink monster. I'll keep you posted after
15 days.

SEO is Abrivation as Search engine optimization .
According to my point of views it is the process of geting the tracffic mean to say if you done your site SEO then surely you get the right customer for your sites ,which is the Real benefits behid making any sites ..and you can increase your SEO through making backlinking and making indexs in google and other search engines ....I advice you more stress on SEO because it is the most important part of your site!
Thanks for reading all who read my views

SEO is a method which helps search engine finds and rank your site higher than the millions of other site in response to a search query. It helps you get traffic from Search Engines.
If done in a proper way SEO always yield positive result.

Search Engine submission is became the most effective and lucrative way for getting huge traffic on the website and along with it also raises the site’s visibility in the search engine’s results.

The basic means of seo . . . i think there might be some one who wouldn't have known about it . . but the actual trick of it is that not only gives or provides your site with boost up to the page rank but also allows you to grow your self on the web.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining a high-ranking position on a search engine.

SEO is a method of getting your list on first page of major search engines result page like google, yahoo and bing.

It includes :

on site seo
off site seo
social bookmarking
content marketing
sociAL media optimization
social media marketing

According to my opinion it is the procedure of geting the traffic. mean to say if you done your website's SEO then absolutely you get the right client for your websites ,which is the Actual advantages behid creating any websites ..and you can improve your SEO through creating back-linking and creating indexs in the search engines.

Seo is abreviation of search engine optimization and it is process of getting organic results in a search engine and traffic also by doing many link building techniques.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization....
It is a process which is used to get the higher rank over for any particulat website or page over the internet...
This will help in getting more and more traffic on the website..

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