Recently we redesign our site, added Google analytics tracking code but Real time traffic for inner pages not showing content of that particular page.

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An other reason I would recommend NOBODY hire you as obviously you are not an expert web developer or an expert in SEO
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If you create an html box you can add the GA code you all your pages. Go to the site editor and select Add->Apps-> and then click on the HTML button. Once you do that open the settings for the HTML box and change the mode from "website address" to "HTML code." Paste the GA code in there, click update and then move the HTML box to the header. This will make sure that the box is shown on every page like Google Analytics wants. It shouldn't interfere with things that are above or below it.


Another very odd question from a web developer who advertises himself as being a SEO expert. Really, if I was hiring such a person I would expect them to know this stuff and not be asking forums to do his work for him. Or maybe he is just a spammer...

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