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How strange that your website states that "Sinelogix also have expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that help you to get top rankings on major search engines " yet you need to ask this question here...


I get that it's an SEO strategy to post in forums for the backlink. I get that's what you're doing right now. :) Ideally you want to see if these links are bringing you any traffic ... that's the purpose of trackbacks.


Happy geek @ Plz give the ans of que otherwise don'T give such a type of meaningless reply. it's our seo strategy to post in forum for ranking.


Perhaps you'd rather I ban your account AGAIN, seeing as you are most obviously just here to SPAM. You do understand that I am the community admin here, don't you?

Let's take a look at your infaction history shall we?

THREE different moderators have given you a total of SEVEN infractions over FOUR years, proving that you are both a spammer and you don't learn from your mistakes.

Your tactics have included cut and pasting content that you don't own the copyright to, earning you THREE 'keep it legal' infractions and FOUR good old fashioned SPAM posts.

If your SEO strategy is to SPAM forums then I hope you explain this to your customers whose reputation will be sullied as a result.

At least we have the answer to the question: either you don't know the answer to a simple SEO question (and are therefore not telling the truth when you claim to 'have expertise in SEO' or, as we now know, are spamming (which also means that you don't have expertise in SEO as an expert would understand that is NOT the way to do it).

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I can see where happygeek is coming from a little bit. While I understand and appreciate that it is an SEO strategy to post in forums, keep in mind that forum signature links give very little, if any, backlink juice nowadays. The ultimate goal is to get your name and brand out there by developing a reputation as an authority in your field.

For example, over the years I developed a reputation for myself across many SEO forums and forums for forum owners as someone who has expertise. It helped really build up the DaniWeb brand. I became friends with people at many SEO agencies due to engaging with them in these online forums, and today I recommend them to people looking to hire SEO firms. I feel comfortable doing this because all of their posts were always very knowledgeable so it makes me feel confident in their skills.

By posting newbie questions or just by copying/pasting content you find elsewhere on the web, it doesn't make you look really good to your peers, or to potential clients.

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Thanks. Good to know about those tag/signature links.
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