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Now After the launch of Google Caffeine, forum participation has become one of the important factors for achieving SERPs, because caffeine gives more preference to fresh contents. so obviously a platform like forum where fresh contents are updated frequently and when you participate in forums and when you post with signature. Apart from back links, the Google would consider it as a content related to your site, thus your site gradually gets preference in SERPs. so focus more on quality posts than have too much concern about back links.

Forums are the best place for site builds backlinks to your site and gradually increase the page rank in a search engine..According to Google there is a algorithm called LSI,this counts your backlinks and place the site in the serp ..Day by Day there will be increasing or decreasing of visitors to the site...Gradually page rank varies to keep track of that do follow seo tactics.....

Definitely, Forum links will be considered as quality links to your site. So it will help you to get good PR .

If you are posting on forums then make sure that you are using the signature feature. It lets people know who you are and where you are. It also helps others see what industry you follow and from that you can create some solid and helpful personal relationships.

From my experience the power of a backlink from a forum sig is fleeting, it is somewhat effective, but by itself is not of much value, combined with other solid targeted backlinks, it does add to the value, but as a secondary method only.

I am new for SEO .I spend much time on forums for the start.It seems good to increase PR and also is easy to do follow.

You shouldn't be posting on a forum just for a backlink, as its value in increasing page rank is questionable. Reading and posting on forums provides the opportunity to learn, be a part of a community, and share your knowledge with others. Unfortunately, it also provides a great deal of spam posts to read through as well.

thanks for sharing the information. I also benefited by using forum sites. My page rank has increased.

Forum are the best and fastest way to get quality backlinks and traffic. And high pr site help your increasing you pr, traffic and conversation.

Yes, forum gives us backlink and increase visibility. It helps to increase page rank.

Yes, forum posting can improve your page rank but it is only one of many methods that can be used to achieve good page rank. Soical bookmarking has good potential as well. Digg seems to be producing good results at this pont in time.

yes, man forum posting is very beneficial. Forum posting is the best way to create back links. If you are searching something on the search engines you will probably find some forum result within top 10........

I wondered why your site is banned? Google never ban site who use white hat seo techniques. Remember that. :)

Having a signature will give the benefit that users from that forum ( real people ) can enter your site.
Second: if the forum has do follow on link you can increse the number of backlinks ... and from here positions in search engines.

Posting in forums does help page rank. To see your page rank you need google toolbar.

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