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Hello again...

Welcome to the latest issue of the DaniWeb Community Newsletter, which we trust you will find interesting and useful. Remember, the DaniWeb community works so well because it is an ongoing conversation between members just joined and old hands, newbies and experts, ordinary members and moderators. We really are all in this together, getting out of it what we put in. Of course, that conversation extends to the newsletter itself. So, if you have any comments about the content of the newsletter or would like to suggest new features that you would like to see become a part of it, then please let us know by joining the conversation here.

Have you checked your DaniWeb profile recently?

If you haven't looked at your DaniWeb profile pages for a while, then you might be in for something of a shock. A nice one, I hasten to add, as quite a lot has changed recently. Dani has been hard at work with a profile re-design which keeps all the essential stuff that you have come to expect but makes it a lot easier on the eye and much more informative as well. You can now see, at a glance: how many activity points you have accumulated on DaniWeb since you first joined; where you rank in the community as far as number of postings, reputation and threads solved are concerned by just clicking the 'Member Rank' tab; read the comments others have left on your posts, all in one place, by clicking the 'Post Comments' tab; see what your post quality score is, as rated by other members and the new contact section now features a snapshot of your own homepage and the ability for DaniWeb members to follow you on Twitter with a single click.

While you are there, looking at the newly updated profile page design, why not take the opportunity to update your information as well? It's really easy to do, just click on the Edit Community Profile link towards the bottom left of the page. And just in case you didn't know, you can access your profile pages simply by clicking on your username at the top of nay DaniWeb page when you are signed in.

If you liked that, you should like this...

Dani has brought back the 'related articles' feature that went missing when the system was revamped earlier this year. Which means that once again when you are reading articles of any kind in the DaniWeb forums, you will be offered the chance to read another on a related theme. The system has been coded so as to work to find more relevant articles over time, but hopefully you will agree that the relevancy is already pretty good. Let us know what you think by joining the conversation about the related articles feature here.

Tips from the top

We asked the admins and moderators at DaniWeb for their top tips to get the best out of the new DaniWeb system. Here's what they came up with:

Dani (Founder, CEO and Admin: "My favorite feature of the new DaniWeb is that it's made the moderators' lives so much easier with far less spam and people not formatting code correctly. However, for everyone else, all members can now disable advertising without the need to sponsor!" To disable advertising on DaniWeb, although obviously we'd rather you didn't as they help to fund the community, click the 'Edit Profile' link at the top of any DaniWeb page and then tick the 'Disable Ads' check box at the bottom of the page you are taken to.

Happygeek (Community Administrator and Lead Writer): "If you find the live preview box confusing when typing a long article, just click on the preview itself and it will go away while returning you to the edit box itself and making the submit button much easier to locate."

~s.o.s~ (Administrator): "Go to your 'Edit Profile' page and check the 'automatically watch articles I post in' option so that any thread you respond to is added to your the watch list. Also, set the appropriate time zone so that the timestamps on your articles make sense. If you want to refer to individual posts you can click on the timestamp of that post to get a permalink you can cut and paste."

Reverend Jim (Moderator): "Double-clicking in a code block selects all of the code AND preserves indentation and blank lines when you paste that code into your editor. If you click and drag to select code, your blank lines and formatting are not preserved."

pritaea (Moderator): "Click 'search' without any text to search within a forum, or for a particular type of article. Ignore the warning that the query string is empty."

pyTony (Moderator): "Click the main category in the DaniWeb menu to see the most recent activity in all sub-forums. Go to to see all entries for the DaniWeb Code Snippets Competition."

Member of the Month

The latest DaniWeb member to find themselves nominated as Member of the Month is stultuske who has been a member of our community for five years now. During that time he has reached a member rank of #43 by reputation points earned, #33 when it comes to Q&A discussions solved and #31 by number of posts alone. Not a bad achievement when you consider that the DaniWeb community is now 956,600 strong and growing daily. If you want to see stultuske in action, then head over to the Java forum where he is a regular poster. In the meantime though, let's find out what makes this member tick:

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

Well, I grew up in a small place in Flanders (the Dutch speaking part of Belgium, not the neighbors of the Simpsons). Since I graduated in Leuven, the place with what is described as the biggest bar from the world, I decided to stay living there, and, for the moment, still am.

How old are you?

I'm still a bit of the younger developer, I guess. I'm about to turn 31, so just old enough to fall out of the kids category, yet still young enough to go out from time to time.

What is your current occupation?

Currently I'm employed in Brussels. The first time I'm working in a SOA architecture, and getting thrown into the entire GWT-Spring-Hibernate mix. Well, lots of fun, and during compilation and connection probs, still having time to check the forum now and then!

What is your favorite OS?

Even though I'm not really the biggest Microsoft fan (although they've won a bit of my affection when they released Freelancer. The game came out during my exams, managed to complete it and still pass my Java exam - who would have figured?) I must say for my own machines (for now) I've always picked Microsoft, since ... well, I tend to be a bit lazy that way, less configuration and such, and a lot of games didn't use to be supported by Linux, so ... yah.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

During one of the Java courses I took, I wanted to have a bit more information about a subject, and the first (decent) result Google got me, except for the Sun pages of course, was a thread from a DaniWeb forum. One thing led to another and, to be honest during some classes, browsing the forum was a lot more interesting than actually paying attention to the instructor explaining for the 4th time why having a return statement in a method with a void returntype might be a bad idea. I've been offline during some periods, but every few months or so, I remember the fun of solving the puzzles and actually being able to say I've been helping someone.

What makes you stay here?

I guess it's because I from time to time enjoy a puzzle, see a (well formulated and informative) post and try to find the next piece to solve the problem. and, I must admit, sometimes laughing with or expressing my opinion on a very lousy post can get my mind drifting for a second, too.

What is your favorite forum and why?

I think some have noticed already that the obvious answer here is the Java forum. I guess the reason for this is, is that Java was the language the most focussed on during my education, and since I've been employed as a Java developer for a few years now, well ... it's the language I work the most with, and that's not about to change, so I'm most drawn to the -what-I'm-doing-now-. Not only is this the place where I can put more (almost) decent replies and opinions, it's also the place I get the most answers for what I need to know.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

Outside of the entire IT world, since I've been a member of a students organization (not really the same as an American fraternity, but still), I've gotten interested in where our student traditions and student songs come from, what they mean, .. Even reading stories of jokes students here pulled about seventy years ago, can keep me busy for a day, with a cold Duvel (one of the best Belgian beers) by the side. Also, I enjoy reading a lot, history books, horror, thriller, well ... I'm not picky. And the same goes for TV series and films.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb?

The best thing, I would say, is that it's not limited to one language, or one framework, but that you can find information about almost everyting, while both experts and hobby-it'ers are present 'e masse' to help you solve all the problems you're having.

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