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Welcome to the latest issue of the DaniWeb Community Newsletter, which we trust you will find interesting and useful. Remember, the DaniWeb community works so well because it is an ongoing conversation between members just joined and old hands, newbies and experts, ordinary members and moderators. We really are all in this together, getting out of it what we put in. Of course, that conversation extends to the newsletter itself. So, if you have any comments about the content of the newsletter or would like to suggest new features that you would like to see become a part of it, then please let us know by posting in the DaniWeb Community Feedback forum.

Make your vote count on DaniWeb

Yes, we know it's September and extended voting in the DaniWeb Code Snippet Contest was meant to have come to an end, but it seems like you want just a little more time to get your votes in. So, the good news is that voting has now been extended for the very final time until the end of the month. This should give everyone in the community who wants to participate in the voting process enough time to do so. If you haven't done so already, you can cast your vote here.

And we mean everyone in the community: it doesn't matter whether you are a veteran programmer or just starting out in school, your opinion counts and so can your vote. If you are a school teacher or professor, why not get your students to look at the code and determine which is best as a class exercise? If you are a student, why not ask your teacher to go through the code with you in order to help you understand your chosen language better? If you are a professional programmer then this is your chance to see how your fellow coders stack up and give credit where it's due.

DaniWeb members contributed code snippets to our library throughout June and July, and we need you to take a quick look at their efforts and use your vote to tell us which code snippets you think are worthy of winning the following categories:

  • Most Creative Functionality
  • Most Elegant
  • Most Efficient

And here's the full list of snippets - see the actual code here - that you can vote on:

  • Goofy Sentence Generator in Python
  • Palindromic Numbers in C
  • JavaScript sleep
  • Pascals Triangle
  • Using Detached Recordsets to Sort Data in VB.NET
  • Useful #define Statements in C++
  • Simple string-to-int and int-to-string conversion in C++
  • Formatting C++ files
  • Web App State Management
  • Calculator using shunting-yard algorithm in C++
  • Joining integer numbers together to make new number in Python
  • To Check Wether the 3 Points are Collinear or Not in C
  • Tkinter + threads + sockets = problem in Python
  • Merge files in order to minimize HTTP requests in PHP
  • Scope-guarded lockable objects in C++11
  • Simple Delete File in C++
  • Wether Given three sides a,b,c Form a Triangle or Not in C
  • Find Source Code from Website in Python
  • Simple Timer Class in C++
  • Simple expression cleanup in Python
  • Pascals Triangle in C
  • To Check Whether the Given Point P is inside a Triangle or Not.. in C
  • To Find the Prime Factors of Given Number in C
  • Make your own text-based games with ease in C++
  • ReplaceStrings function in Pascal and Delphi
  • for Python
  • To Check the Given Triangle is Isocles, Equilateral or Right Angled Triangle in C
  • Dynamic Class loading from XML
  • Time Ago function in PHP
  • How to use conversion, output text to scrollable window in Python
  • Compacting MS Access in Code in Visual Basic
  • Create a table X columns wide in PHP
  • CmdLine Google Search Results in New Firefox Tab in Python
  • String Scramble/Descramble Algorithm in VB.NET
  • Permutations with recursive generator in Python
  • Print "Hello world 1000 times" without using loop
  • Dictionary with dynamic type signature in Python
  • Prime starting numbers in Python
  • Class based polynomials with magic methods in Python
  • Pattern in a file in Python
  • Prime numbers in range, in C++
  • To Shift the Three Numbers a,b,c in Circular order in C
  • Simulation of functions from stl::vector in C++
  • Split string except inside brackets or quotes in Python
  • Simple Spammer Checker/validator Class in PHP
  • MathExpression: Safer evaluation in Python

So what are you waiting for? Vote now for your favorite snippet of DaniWeb code!

It's DaniWeb Party Time!

We like to think of DaniWeb as being where a technology publication meets social media, an online community of fast approaching a million IT professionals. Sure, many of us may be geeky developer types, but hey we know how to party too! Our networking cocktail receptions and late night parties are jam-packed with activities have become something of a fixture on the New York tech scene. You can join other DaniWeb members, as well as influencers from the tech scene, for drinks, dancing, DJs, live entertainment, celebrity impersonators, casino tables and amazing giveaways including 3D TVs, iPads, digital cameras, XBox 360s and so much more! We literally raffle away thousands of dollars in geek toys at every event

To ensure you don't miss out on all the great social events that DaniWeb is organising by keep an eye our brand new 'events' micro-site.

Great social events like the upcoming 'Advertising, Marketing and Media Mayhem' networking party. The time is here again to celebrate Advertising Week with DaniWeb in NYC. Roulette and Blackjack tables will be making another encore appearance, and a Billiards table for good measure, as DaniWeb returns to Slate Lounge. Complimentary drink tickets and gift bags will be handed out. Food and additional drinks will also be available at the bar all night long. Join in the fun at an after party to follow the IAB Mixx and OMMA conferences as well as a kick-off party for SMX Search Marketing Expo. It all takes place at Slate NYC (54 West 21st Street between 5th and 6th New York) on Tuesday Oct 2nd 2012 from 6:30 pm until midnight. You can see photos from previous events, and get your ticket to the Advertising, Marketing and Media Mayhem party at the DaniWeb Events site.

DaniWeb sponsors major MySQL conference

DaniWeb is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming Percona MySQL conference on October 1st and 2nd at the Sentry Centers, 730 3rd Ave, New York. Amongst the subjects being covered that are sure to be of interest to DaniWeb members are:

  • Future-Proofing MySQL for the World-Wide Data Revolution
  • Deploying Flash Memory for MySQL
  • Developing high performance applications in the Cloud
  • How quickly and cheaply can you build a modern web application?

Not only can attendees who are members of DaniWeb get a cool 10% discount by using the promo code "DaniWeb" but the conference ties in nicely with the DaniWeb 'Advertising, Marketing and Media Mayhem' networking party at Slate NYC on October 2nd. Why not do both?

Member of the Month

The latest member of the DaniWeb community to join our virtual hall of fame is M.Waqas Aslam who has been a member for just a year now, but in that time has notched up fast approaching 700 posts and earned a DaniWeb reputation rank of 741 out of nearly one million members. If you want to get a taste of what M.Waqas Aslam has to offer the DaniWeb community then head over to the VB.NET forum where you will find him helping out much of the time. For now though, let's find out what makes this impressively helpful member of the DaniWeb community tick...

Where are you from?

I live in Multan, Pakistan. Multan is one of the oldest cities in South Asia and the 6th largest city of Pakistan.

How old are you?

I am 24 years Old.

What is your occupation?

I am working in a Software house name Softronix pvt limited as a Senior Software Developer. Currently I am working in, C#, ExtJs 3.2 and MsSql 2005, 2008, 2008-r2.

What is your favorite OS and why?

Basically I have just worked on Windows, but in the future may be my choice will be different.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

Last year I was working in my office and searching for help. I posted my question here and just after an hour there was a reply. The quick help attracted me to join DaniWeb as a regular member. During my stay I have just tried to help others also as quickly as I can, and now whenever I have free time I login to DaniWeb. You can say that DaniWeb is now my hobby!

What makes you stay here?

As I mentioned above, the quickness and quality of help attracts me. Secondly, the interface of the site is very easy to understand compared to other sites like Stack Overflow etc.

What is your favorite forum and why?

My favorite forum is the forum because I love to work in it and I can help the best in it. You might say that is like my mother language. LoL!

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

I spend more then 15 hours daily doing programming and writing code so inside and outside of DaniWeb I love programming! On Sunday I watch movies and enjoy cooking at my home, which I am very good at.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb overall, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

The best thing is the quality of help, and especially the bonding between regular members. I feel very great respect for members such as Reverend Jim, codeorder, Pride, BegginerDev, PoojaVB and others who I forget their names right now but read their posts. They have helped me with my problems. The members of DaniWeb are the very best. The one thing I would change is that anyone can downvote you with no reason given. Please make it compulsory to write a reason to downvote. I know a simple downvote does not have any effect on reputation, but it feels bad when you don't know why.

What do you like best about the 'new' DaniWeb, and what do you hate?

Well the new DaniWeb is just as good like before. What do I hate about the new DaniWeb? I hate nothing!

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