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Welcome to the March 2013 DaniWeb Digest

Introducing the DaniWeb API

All you coders out there will be pleased to learn that DaniWeb has an application programming interface (API) up and running. Yes, at long last, there is a way for you to put your programming knowhow to good use and build that DaniWeb app you've always wanted. The big question is, what will you create using the DaniWeb API? One of the earliest apps created using the API was a kind of DaniWeb Top Trumps game coded by DaniWeb moderator diafol ( The app allows players to battle against the CPU using the profiles of some of the best known DaniWeb members, and comparing such statistics as number of posts made, date joined and reputation points. OK, so that's just a bit of fun but there's a serious side to the release of an API, not least as it means that some of those things which you've always wanted to happen at DaniWeb but haven't, for a variety of reasons, are now within the realm of your own creative ability. So, who's going to be the first to create a mobile DaniWeb app for Android and iOS devices then?

There's plenty of discussion, including hands-on help with getting down and dirty with the code, in this thread.

The full DaniWeb API documentation can be found here.

Find it on DaniWeb

Sometimes, especially when a new member asks what is thought of as an obvious question, the response on many tech support forums will be to 'Go Google'. Sadly, this occasionally even happens on DaniWeb. Sad because actually members can probably find the answer on DaniWeb itself, without going anywhere else. Now, the smart searchers amongst you might be thinking that you can search for it on DaniWeb by using Google and appending the search string with "". That's true enough, but the even smarter searchers will stay right here on DaniWeb and make use of our own internal search engine.

Yes, you can simply use the DaniWeb search box instead, and it's actually powered by Google itself. For those of you who gave up on it some time ago when it wasn't working as well as it could have been, well try again as it's certainly working properly now! Not only can you search by keyword, but if you just hit the search button without entering any search string then you will be taken straight to the advanced search page. From here you can filter your results by specific forum and/or article type. So if you wanted to find discussion posts in the C++ forum relating to list() method, your advanced search will return everything that hits those requirements in a flash. Try it for yourself here, we think you will like it...

Member of the Month

A member for three years, Squidge can boast a post quality score of 88%, and although his post count is relatively low at just over 300 he has still garnered 50 reputation points and 5 endorsements. Not bad when you consider that Squidge is a specialist, a PHP specialist. Indeed, if you want to catch up with Squidge then you need to head over to the PHP forum as it's where 97% of his contributions can be found! In the meantime though, let's find out a little more about this intriguing member of the DaniWeb community...

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

Born in Middlesex UK, I currently live in Brighton with Mrs Squidge and my 3 kids (never a moments peace).

How old are you?

I am of the fossil age 32

What is your current occupation, ever done anything unusual in the past?

My current job is an IPC Product specialist - sounds fancy but I basically design industrial PC systems.
This could be from small embedded form factor units, to the common 19" rack units. I first started work life as a sales assistant at the tender age of 15.
I then went on to work my through the ranks of a commercial kitchen, I had managed to work my upto Head Chef before I decided to have a change - 18hr days 6 days a week kinda takes it out of you.
I went onto work for a well known credit card company whilst I home studied for an A+N+ IT course. Once this was done I went onto to work on a defence contract. This lasted a few years, I then decided to move to Brighton, get married and work for the present employer.

Phew! That was a long answer. Are you as passionate about your computer? What's your favorite OS?

Windows Embedded Standard 7 - I am fully qualified in development :)

So the answer is not as passionate then? What about DaniWeb, what first brought you here?

I first came to DaniWeb for assistance in PHP, which I started to dabble with many years ago

And what makes you stay here?

I can honestly say, the help is second to none. I have been on a few forums, and you do not get the spectrum of people or assists you get from DaniWeb users.

I hardly need to ask but will anyway: what is your favorite forum and why?

PHP, this is my main interest and where I wish to increase my skill.

And your interests outside of IT and DaniWeb?

My family, motorbikes (R.I.P. Ducati 748)

OK, name the best thing about DaniWeb overall, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

The help/assistance is the best I have found, but I would change the email alert settings. It can sometimes take hours to be notified of a response.

And finally, any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

I am me :)

Thanks Squidge...

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