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DaniWeb API Competition: winners announced!

Welcome to the October 2013 edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our community newsletter. This month we are very please to announce the winners of the API competition which was launched earlier in the year to help raise awareness of the new and very robust DaniWeb API available to developers. The API is capable of duplicating most read capabilities of the community website, along with some limited write functionality, RESTful JSON objects, and OAuth 2.0. In all honesty, the development possibilities are almost endless.

API requests return either JSON or JSONP (for Javascript compatibility), and there is also support for OAuth 2.0 (both serverside and clientside implementations). OAuth allows your application to automagically gain read / write access to the member profile and personal data of any end user currently using it, without the need for the end user to share their login credentials. As an example of a use case, it offers the ability to create a Log In with DaniWeb feature to replace or extend your application's own login mechanism. Why not give it a try yourself? After all, there are plenty of people within the community here at DaniWeb who can answer your questions and provide additional help should you need it. If you are still unconvinced, or need some inspiration, then take a look at what the winners of our API competition have been doing.

Because both Coreyavis and Pritaeas came up with equally amazing finished products, we decided to make them joint winners and split the $300 Amazon Gift Voucher prize between them so they will be getting a $150 voucher each.

Coreyavis developed the excellent DaniWeb Birthdays app, a calendar that displays the birthdays of DaniWeb members! He tells us that future planned features for the app include the ability to add your birthday to the calendar if it's not included, to remove your birthday if you wish to not take part, a full list of members with birthdays on selected day and better search functionality amongst others.

Pritaeas developed a number of API apps including the following: DwArticleWatch which shows the 10 latest articles (which can filtered using a dropdown), DwRssDashboard which provides an overview of the newest five items per (sub)forum and DwWatchedArticles to show your watched articles.

Diafol and riahc3 also both spent a lot of time working with our API, and came up with some great code snippets and frameworks that lay the groundwork for others to build from. So we decided to combine the second ($125) and third ($75) prizes and split this between the two of them to give each of these guys $100 vouchers.

riahc3 came up with some code as a demo to show Java interacting with the new DaniWeb API that enables you to introduce a member's name and it shows you the total number of posts that member has made. The demo is a proof of concept, so no bug or error checking was in the code.

Diafol, meanwhile, produced a class for retrieving and setting data via the DaniWeb API. It allows the extraction of data based around:

(non-OAuth): forums, articles, posts, members, activity points, endorsements, reputation

(OAuth): who am i? (me - more data than from non-OAuth members), articles (expansion of non-OAuth articles), watched articles (watch and unwatch), voting on posts (upvote and downvote) and PMs (currently inactive)

Direct URL retrieval via getLink, and get data for RSS.

Congratulations one and all for highlighting both your own enthusiasm and skill, and the flexibility of the DaniWeb API.

Member of the month

This month, we are delighted to welcome broj1 into the DaniWeb Hall of Fame as our newest Member of the Month. With 214 well deserved reputation points, broj1 sites at member number 189 in the reputation table; not bad when you consider that the community as a whole consists of more than a million members! With close on 1,500 contributions and an almost unbelievable post quality score of 98%, not forgetting his 196 solved Q&As for good measure, broj1 can be found most often posting in the PHP forum. In fact, he's something of a PHP guru and nearly all his contributions are in this one forum. Let's find out what makes this guy tick, other than the PHP code pumping through his veins of course!

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I am from Slovenia, currently living in the capitol Ljubljana. Apart from that I spent four years in Wellington, New Zealand in the nineties.

How old are you?

Well, I am over fifty, married, with children.

What is your current occupation?

Currently I am freelancing, working on a risk management software development project. I used to be employed by a consulting firm until last year, doing management consulting in information security and business continuity and developing a risk management web application at the same time.

What is your favorite OS and why?

For years I have been using Linux as my desktop OS. Mainly since I am an open source idea supporter and Linux on desktop has been mature for some time. I used to use Fedora but switched to Ubuntu recently. I prefer Gnome or Unity over KDE due to slightly better hardware support. And there is still Windows 7 on separate partition.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

I was looking for a solution to one of the PHP problems I had. I found what I wanted and also immediately liked the site.

What makes you stay here?

I use it to learn about approaches to various problems and to find answers to my questions. Every now and then I help someone solve their problem and that helps me in sharpening my skills, learning when others comment on my posts and it is just a good feeling when I can share my knowledge with someone who makes use of it.

What is your favorite forum and why?

My favourite is forum is PHP since I am using it every day and have most skills here. There are many good contributors and posts in PHP (as well as in others, of course). I also follow MySQL, Javascript and Web Design topics. Sometimes I checkout the Linux and Unix forum.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

I play keyboards, currently in a blues band. I like vintage stuff and am renovating a couple of old rotary organ speakers these days. I used to do kayaking but I just don't manage to find time for that, lately.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb overall, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

The best thing is the knowledge that is collected, organized and easily available through DaniWeb. There is nothing really I wish to be changed. It seems to me that DaniWeb is a mature, well designed and very useful community.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

Fascinating? I don't know. I think I am quite an ordinary person. I traveled around the world, skydived, scuba dived, did a lot of adrenalin stuff but I am not sure if that fascinates anyone...

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