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Happy Holidays!

Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our community newsletter. It's hard to believe that yet another year is coming to an end, and what a year it has been! Despite some traffic setbacks courtesy of Google, the community has pulled together from the newest of members through to the moderator team and site admins to ensure that DaniWeb just keeps getting better and better. So, a big thank you one and all for everything you have done in 2013, and here's hoping for an even better 2014. Happy Holidays everyone, no matter where in the world you may be: Joyeuses Fêtes - Felices Fiestas - Trevlig Helg - Boas Festas - Mutlu Bayramlar - Sarbatori Fericite - Jie Ri Yu Kuai - Bones Festes - Tanoshii kurisumasu wo - Buone Feste - Ii holide eximnandi - Forhe Feiertage - Prettige feestdagen - Hau'oli Lanui - Beannachtaí na Féile - Vesele Praznike - Selamat Hari Raya - Sretni praznici!

DaniWeb API Updated

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Dani has been wearing her tweaking hat again. Those of you with eagle eyes may have noticed the introduction of a new icon set, for example, bringing a cleaner look to the post editor. However, some tweaks are more transparent than others; take the changes to OAuth and the API, for example, which now has a lot more security on the backend and is more in line with standards. Here's what Dani has to say about some of the changes: "Firstly, as you know, the end user authorizes the application and gives you a code. You can then exchange that code for an access_token. One of the changes is that in the past you could store the code and keep exchanging it for new access_tokens when they expire. Not anymore. Keeping in line with standards, when you exchange a code, you're now given both an access_token and a refresh_token. You can only exchange the same code once, and then it stops working, but you can use the refresh_token to acquire new access_tokens when they expire. Unlike with the OAuth flow used to exchange code for an access_token, using your refresh_token to retrieve an access_token can be done offline (i.e. via your own backend script at any time without end-user intervention or browser access). This opens up lots more possibilities since you now have the ability to authenticate as the end-user without the end-user being near their browser. The second big change, thanks to Sanjay, is that the serverside OAuth implementation now allows for a desktop flow, which should make it painless to write desktop applications now taking advantage of OAuth!! Simply specify oob as the redirect_uri. I'm looking forward to all the amazing things that are going to come from this."

Member of the Month

The latest entrant to the DaniWeb Hall of Fame is
somjit{} who has been a member of the DaniWeb community for three years and earned an impressive 80% post quality score during that time. For the most part, somjit{} can be found dividing his time in the Java and C forums where he both asks for help and helps others; and that's exactly what DaniWeb is all about in a nutshell. Let's discover a little more about the person behind the username...

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I'm from Kolkata in India. Although I was in Bangalore for some time, I'm now back home again.

How old are you?

I'm 22 + 2, that is 22 years and 2 months - approximately!

What is your current occupation?

I just graduated a few months ago, so I am now looking for a job. It's hard these days, especially with companies grading students with colleges and not on their actual merit.

What is your favorite OS and why?

Windows 8 comes with this UEFI format that does not allow me to install some other OS without being quite intelligent and all. I just didn't want to end up violating my warranty so looks like I'm stuck with it. I do have Linux Mint Cinnamon and Ubuntu on my desktop. which I use for learning purposes. I would love to say that my favorite OS is Cinnamon, but I'm way to inexperienced to make that claim. If Windows 8 didn't have UEFI, I would have said that I was my favorite. It's good of course, but I don't like how it's limiting users with UEFI.

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

That was 3 years ago, I think it was when I started learning programming and wanted somewhere I could ask some questions. I remember I put a lot of smileys on my introduction post.

What makes you stay here?

The open nature of the discussions and the fact that DaniWeb, in my humble opinion, is the kindest forum out there!

What is your favorite forum and why?

It's been about a year since I seriously started thinking of programming as a career, I'm an electronics graduate, and do most of my stuff with Java. I feel most comfortable with it, and this makes me to be found most frequently in the Java forum. Plus the fact that there are some really cool people there makes visiting it all the more pleasurable.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

Photography mainly, I plan to buy a digital SLR when I get a job! That being said, anything I find cool I try to do more and a lot of times it ends up being an ongoing interest. I then end up not having the time to do the more serious 'do this for your career, life and future' kind of stuff.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb overall, and one thing you would change if it were in your power?

Best thing? I can chat with the creator of the site about how she feels about fish for lunch! However, one thing that is a bit of a let down is that voting is not too prevalent here, at least not compared to some other sites. There might be a very good reply that has only one or two votes, if any at all, and then there might be a really bad reply that hasn't got any downvotes. I would like if some change was introduced that would make the members vote more liberally.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

I wanted to study string theory by the time I passed out from school, and I wanted to be an embedded guy (something in the lines of avr-freak and a c-expert) by 2nd year at college. Two years on I want to grow up to be someone respected in the Java domain, be that at work or online forums. Then there are fortune-tellers, I've been taken to a few, who say that I am restless, although I am amazed how they can know that as I stay as calm as a dead fish in their chambers. I guess they are right in some ways, given how much my interests have changed in the last 4-6 years.

I'm a composed guy in family gatherings, opposite almost everywhere else: I walked around the poshest retail store in Bangalore in something a little bigger than the hotpants most girls were wearing. Alone in a new city, it was fun!!!

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