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Welcome to the June 2014 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

Oh boy have we got some exciting news to kick things off with this month! How would you like to earn money, just by answering questions on DaniWeb? Stupid question, of course you would. Well that's great because we are proud to announce that is precisely what you can do from now on. The DaniWeb community is all about sharing information and helping each other, so we thought it would be nice to reward that effort with more than just reputation points and a sense of doing good. Welcome to the DaniWeb Rewards Points system where answering questions and helping others can earn you cash.

Here's how it works. When asking a question please tick the 'Donation' checkbox on the 'Contribute New Article' page and make a donation of $1. Hold on, you may be thinking, isn't this me paying DaniWeb rather than the other way around? Well yes, but bear with us and all will become clear. By donating in this way you get quicker answers to your questions as they become a priority featured listing. Importantly, it also kicks the rewards points system into action, with your donation forming the pot from which those who answer get paid.

So here comes the clever money-making bit: when answering a 'sponsored' question, the members involved make money, it's that simple. The more people who vote on their answers, the more money they make. As an expert, not only can you make an unlimited amount of money posting in sponsored discussions, but you can also make money by posting in discussions started by community members with a lot of system kudos of their own as well.

Members who contribute time, energy and expertise to help others earn system kudos and can now get priority help without having to make a donation. DaniWeb will now pay those who provide answers to these questions for their help, out of our own pockets. Here's the bottom line folks, quite simply the more you invest in the community, the more money you can make. Check out your Rewards Points Earning Report to see how much you could cash out today!

Member of the Month

The latest member of our wonderful community to join the DaniWeb 'hall of fame' is none other than Ketsuekiami who will need no introduction to anyone who has ever visited our C# forum. A member of DaniWeb for some four years now, with close on 1700 contributions at the time of writing and a very respectable 793 reputation points (placing Ketsuekiami at a rank of 56 out of 1,108,000 members) this is one member whose talents are well appreciated by others. Indeed, that community respect is reflected in the 94% post quality score and his position at number 45 in the Skill & Expertise Endorsements table. So, without any further ado, let's get on with the interview!

Where are you from originally, and where do you live now?

I was born and live in the UK. For a few more specifics I'm from a little backwater town in West Yorkshire called South Elmsall. I managed to escape this place and went to University in the great city of Hull! I studied Computer Games Development for 4 years but never seriously went into the industry. I now live in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I like it here, but I'd love to live in either Finland or Sweden.

How old are you?

I'm 29, young by some standards and old by others!

What is your current occupation, ever done anything unusual in the past?

Currently I'm employed as a Web Developer although I spend most of my time working with back end enterprise services. Personally, I prefer this to front end development. I currently work on a health-care system, I find this extremely satisfying as an occupation. The things we do have the ability to improve patient care and therefore people's health. I like helping people (one of the reasons I'm here) so this is all the more important to me. The most unusual thing I've worked on would have to be the PSP development kit for C#. The SDK was to allow people to code C# that could be translated and compiled into the PSP native language. Unfortunately I left the project before it was completed, but it was definitely interesting. The most unusual thing I've done in general...I used to DJ for an internet radio station called Eve-Radio. Whilst this might not be unusual to most people, it's unusual for me especially as people used to see me as this quiet and shy geek.

What is your favourite OS and why?

Windows 98. Yes yes I know, it was horrible by today's standards, but this was my OS growing up (that and MS-DOS 5). This is when I started PC gaming and coding in earnest. I'd made QBASIC programs before and a couple of C++ command line apps, but Windows 98 drove me further. My first fully fledged C++ MFC application was a piece of disk imaging software. I was very pleased with myself, but it didn't have any applicable purpose (or so I thought at my young age). My first "real" application was then to see business level action in 2004 as it was used as a network multi-endpoint imaging tool. My gaming "career" really shot off (just after Windows ME was released), participating in UT'99 and Quake tournaments. Unfortunately I was a few years to early. The concept of "professional gaming" was laughable and it wasn't until I started College that I had the chance to do it properly. This hurt my education slightly, but I don't regret it. I made a lot of friends, had fun and this spurred me into choosing development as a career. I wanted to make games, not just play them! Had it not been for the release of Windows 98. I doubt any of this would have happened.

What first brought you to DaniWeb

I had a problem with WCF. I was searching for coding forums on which to post my answer, of course the big three came up. DaniWeb was the friendliest community I found, this is more important to me. My question was not responded with anything degrading or derogatory as it was elsewhere. As I began to hang around DaniWeb more, I found that I could help with things in a better way than I could anywhere else. There is something to be said for discussion forums and I still think that this is the correct way to handle our types of problems. Programming isn't simply wrong and right answers (most of the time) and there are a multitude of ways to solve a particular problem. This can only be achieved by discussing the problem and the application with the developer in question. It's very easy to give a right answer, incorrectly, depending on the application. DaniWeb has helped me grow as a developer and as a mentor, and I hope that I've helped others grow similarly in return.

What makes you stay here

By far the single biggest reason is the community. The people here are what make DaniWeb. DaniWeb is not an institution and whilst DaniWeb operates as a company, you can see that it's not run for the "sole purpose" of being profitable, over giving the userbase a better experience. To me, this gives it a more human feel. DaniWeb is more welcoming and less elitist than other places and the developers of the site take an active interest in the users. Being in touch with your userbase makes a definite, visible difference!

What is your favourite forum and why?

The C# forum. This is my domain expertise now. Previously it would have been C++, but business demands mean that I'm a .NET engineer first. My second favourite is the Geek's Lounge. This place has really helped me to get to know the other members better on a more personal level.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb

I enjoy tabletop gaming and trading card games. I also partake in certain cosplay events (although mostly as an event organiser). Over the last two years I've been helping out at PlayExpo which is held near Manchester. If anyone is in the UK, you should check it out and come along! I want to take up more Go-Karting and paintball as I really enjoy them, just I'm a bit too unfit and possibly too aggressive for them. You will find that I'm very competitive.

Name the best thing about DaniWeb overall, and one thing that you would change if it were in your power

The best thing about DaniWeb is the open nature of it. The ability to discuss ideas (even bad ones!) and not be totally put down for it. The fact that the developers are actively involved and care about their community. This is what makes DaniWeb great in my opinion. What I would change...? Well, not so much a change, but an addition. The ability to post and read articles on a mobile device, in a mobile view. Whilst I appreciate that mobile devices aren't the best platforms for writing on, I don't think that means they should be excluded.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

I keep rats! They're lovable little balls of fluff. Currently I have 7. From oldest to youngest; Watson, Spider, Chattox, Custard, Jayce, Quinn, Tweak (aka. "Little" Ratty) Each of them has their own unique personality and getting to know them all has brought joy to my life. Unfortunately, they only live for 2-3 years and when each one passes they take a small piece of your heart with them to the Bridge. I have had 19 in total. Popcorn, CB, Blue, Misfit, Isis, Stormageddon, Squiggle, Badger, Ernold the Destroyer, Amy, Biscuit and Sherlock are no longer with us, but the time I've spent with them is was worth it. I will not forget them.

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