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Welcome to the September 2014 DaniWeb Digest

This time last year we were introducing members to a new bookmarking feature within the DaniWeb user interface. Since then barely a month has gone by without Dani either introducing a new feature or tweaking existing functionality. It's this constant evolution of the site, in response to member requirements, that sets us apart from just about any other IT community out there. A good example of this listen and resolve concept in action happened just this month when a member posted a request in the Community Feedback forum for code snippets and tutorial postings to be excluded from the 'unanswered' list. The reasoning being that most of these snippets/tutorials don't receive an answer for a long time, meaning that they then cloud the view when looking for a quick question to answer. Dani read that, as she does every such post in the community feedback forum, and within 48 hours had implemented the changes the member had suggested. This kind of functionality flexibility is precisely why DaniWeb leads the way when it comes to true community within the IT support forum world.

Frequently Asked Questions: the answers!

Also a year ago, we were reminding members that they needed to be original and ensure they owned the intellectual property rights to everything posted. In other words, simply cutting and pasting something from another site and posting it as your own on DaniWeb is against our rules and could lead to an infraction and ultimately a ban. More often than not these kind of cut and pasting members are doing so either in order to promote their signature links or boost their membership criteria in order to get access to the signature facility. The moderating team are on to it though, and generally spot offenders pretty quickly. This was, and still is, an example of someone breaking the rules and usually doing so deliberately. It's not a case of being ignorant of what is and isn't allowed, what can and cannot be done. However, there are some things which do seem to confuse members for some reason (we've tried to make everything as user friendly as possibly, but perhaps there's always room for improvement and we know that) and these form the most commonly asked questions of the moderating team.

So let's provide the answers right here, right now. First on the FAQ list would be "How do I delete my post?" which is often supplemented by a reason such as "it's full of mistakes/it hasn't got any replies/I found the answer elsewhere/I didn't mean to post it/my tutor has told me I shouldn't ask for help with my assignment in forums". The latter tends to be nearest to the truth, as requests to delete posts are often in threads which have had plenty of help already. The answer is the same regardless of reason, however, and that is you cannot delete your own post because doing so would devalue the DaniWeb database, it would likely break thread continuity leading to a discussion with gaps that therefore makes no sense. Members can edit their own posts for a short period of time after posting, a 30 minute edit window exists, in order to correct mistakes etc. Any errors discovered after this can be addressed by posting corrections as a comment. Deleting an original post, the first in a thread, would have the effect of deleting any and all comments to it. This is very unfair to other members who may have put considerable time and effort into investigating a problem and compiling an answer. So we simply do not do it, unless a post has broken the site rules and it is determined by a moderator or administrator that it has to be removed. Ultimately, the whole edit and delete question is answered by the DaniWeb Terms of Service which state:

Posts contributed to the community immediately become the property of DaniWeb upon submission... All members are held responsible for their actions. As always, think before you permanently post something on the public Internet.

The second most commonly asked question we see is "How do I change my username?" which is something that did, indeed, used to be problematical as only admins could do this for many years. However, some years ago now when we built an entirely new and proprietary forum platform for the DaniWeb site we made it easy for members to change their usernames. You simply go to your edit membership page and use the change username option there. Be aware though that you only get one chance, one change, and if you make a mistake there is no second chance unless an admin takes pity on you! So choose a new name wisely, make sure you choose something you are truly comfortable with and watch for typos before you press the no going back button!

Members of the Month

No,that wasn't a typo; this month we are featuring two deserving members to be enlisted into the DaniWeb Hall of Fame.

The first joined us four years ago and since then rubberman has gone on to become a very well known name, especially in the C++, C, Linux and Unix and Networking forums. With a very credible 91% post quality score across some 4350 contributions, and a place in the top ten table when it comes to skill and expertise endorsements, let's waste no more time and get talking to rubberman.

Where are you from?

I was born in California, but grew up in Nebraska and Colorado.

How old are you?


What is your current occupation, and have you ever done anything unusual in the past?

I'm a Senior Performance Engineer at Nokia. In the past I have hitchhiked from the Mexico-Guatemala border to El Paso Texas, to California, Colorado, to NYC, and back to Colorado on a single trip. I lost my wallet with all my $$ and papers in northern Mexico so I had to sneak across the border outside of El Paso and pan-handle my way across the country, staying with friends along the way. When I got back to Denver on my way to NYC, my wallet, papers, and money were waiting for me, except that the money was in different denominations! Needless to say, I was a LOT younger then...

What is your favorite OS and why?

Linux. I currently use RHEL 6.5, CentOS 6.5, and Scientific Linux 6.4 (upgrading to 6.5 soon).

What first brought you to DaniWeb?

Probably a Google search for something.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

All sorts of music, but I play oldtime and bluegrass mandolin in a band. I also like wilderness hiking and camping and visiting with my 102 year old aunt in San Pedro California.

Any fascinating facts about yourself that you would like to share with the DaniWeb community?

I am related to Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein (2nd cousin or something like that), so I suppose you could call me Frankenstein's cousin?

Our second member of the month is a DaniWeb staff writer who has also been with us for four years, and clocked up a 96% post quality score. With less than one hundred contributions you may think it odd that jeffcogswell has been inducted into the hall of fame, but as a staff writer he contributes editorial that helps to inspire, educate and entertain the community. Take his interview with C creator Bjarne Stroustrup or review of Python Tools for Visual Studio for example. Anyway, enough of the flattery and on with the questions:

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but have lived all over the country, including (in order) Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, California, Ohio, and finally back to Michigan.

How old you?

I'll just say I'm a GenXer.

What is your current occupation?

I'm presently a self-employed software developer and writer, and I make much of my living from writing articles and doing JavaScript programming. I've worked at many different companies over the years, while maintaining a side-job of writing. I wrote a dozen books.

What is you favorite OS?

Right now I'm loving my Linux Mint. Windows has paid my bills for a long time, though.

What brought you to DaniWeb?

I want to be around tech people online, which I don't get much of on Facebook. The people here are really friendly, unlike a lot of tech forums.

Which is your favorite forum?

I mainly hang out in the web development JavaScript forum.

What are your interests outside of IT?

I play the piano and guitar and love to travel, especially to the mountains and to the big cities like New York.

Any fascinating facts about yourself?

I'm a heavy metal guitar shredder and I'm an amateur artist who can draw pretty well.

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