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Welcome to the March 2015 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

Well, spring has arrived and with it an anniversary: DaniPad is a year old. As well as being home to DaniWeb HQ, DaniPad is the NYC Tech Coworking Community established by Dani, Queen of DaniWeb. Located at 3825 Bell Blvd., Bayside, NY 11361 (which is just 25 minutes to Midtown Manhattan via public transportation) DaniPad not only provides a friendly and professional work environment for the technology sector located east of Manhattan, but also follows the DaniWeb lead by creating a real sense of community focus as well. Think of DaniPad as an always open co-working community for the New York tech scene; a conducive work environment as well as a comfortable place to relax, exchange ideas, meet up with others who work in your industry and professionally host your clients and business partners. DaniPad is designed to meet your needs for both work and play with a target audience of technologists, IT professionals and developers who telecommute and miss the social aspects of being in an office environment. It's also the new home of DaniWeb community meet-ups. Oh, and there's also a DaniPad forum on DaniWeb where people who are members of both DaniWeb and DaniPad can come to chat.

Did you know...

...That DaniWeb has a bookmark function just like the one that you are used to in your web browser client? Look to the right of the 'edit' button at the top of any post and you will see a ribbon/bookmark icon which lets you quickly build a library of categorized links. These bookmarks help you to quickly get back to individual posts that you might want to reference again. Simply click on the bookmark button and you can add a custom category of your choosing under which to file a link to the post in question (or select an existing category once you get started) and that post will then show a 'heart' icon next to it. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will find the 'bookmark' link, which lets you then browse your saved pages and return to them in an instant. No more searching and scratching of heads when you know there was something you wanted to read again but just can't find it.

Keep it original please folks

The moderation team here at DaniWeb, a group of long term and highly valued members who volunteer their time for no reward other than t he warm glow of helping the community to move forwards, has noticed something of an increase in the number of 'cut and paste' posts appearing either as questions or answers to questions posed. Here's the thing, not only is it lazy to just go and do a search before copying something that someone else has put the effort into posting it's also against DaniWeb rules (we ask that you own the intellectual property rights to everything that you post) and could negatively impact on our SEO as search engines will penalize sites found to be using content that is available across multiple locations. Keeping it original isn't exactly difficult, the rule of thumb is that if you can help then do so and if you can't then don't; pretending you know answers when you do not is just not cool, OK. Cut and paste posting is pretty easy to spot, our moderators are anything but naive in this regard, and will lead to a member infraction and possible ban from DaniWeb. The ban penalty will most often be used when the poster is also a spammer, and spammers are notorious for using the cut and paste option which either includes a link in the text or is just a vehicle to publicize a link in the member signature file. If there is a genuine reason to repeat information found elsewhere, such as being relevant and helpful to the thread, then provide a link to it whilst bearing in mind that if the link is to your own or an affiliate site then you could be heading back down into spamming territory. Far better, overall, to keep it original and take the time to write a response in your own words...

Member of the month

This month the member we are inducting into the DaniWeb Hall of Fame is Slavi who has been a community member for a year now. In that time, Slavi has contributed more than 600 posts of a constant high quality to achieve a post quality score of 94%. These contributions, largely in the Java forum, have seen Slavi make it into the top 100 all time chart for 'Skill & Expertise Endorsements' and the top 300 for helping to solve questions. Without further ado let's find out some more about the newest entrant to the DaniWeb Hall of Fame...

Where were you born, where do you live now, where would you most like to live?

I was born in Bulgaria, and currently I am living in Copenhagen/Denmark. As for my future, I do like it here, however, I am not sure where I would really like to live, maybe Miami! I don't mind any location as long as my "other half" is with me.

How old are you?

I am 23, soon to be 24! Gosh, I am getting old.

What is your occupation, what's the worse job you've ever done, what would be your fantasy job?

Currently I am doing a Master's degree in a Danish technical university. My study line is Computer and Cyber security and to be honest, I love it and I am really passionate about it. The worst job I've ever done? Well, I've had to do quite some different jobs over the years and trust me, most of them have been really bad. An example could be my last one, which was night shifts so I've had days where I've had lectures -> work -> lectures straight away. Back to back shifts weren't very nice very often. My dream job I haven't really thought about, but I am pretty sure that anything with security/development will fit me pretty well.

What is your favorite OS, what do you like best about it and what stinks?

Tricky one as I am using Kali Linux (on laptop) and ElementaryOS (on PC). I would probably go with Kali as that's what I am using most of the time, I've customised it quite well to fit my needs and I really do love using it now although it took a while to get it up and running as I wanted it to. What stinks about it? Well, I am using xfce4 desktop environment and I hate that ALSA! Usually on shutdown or reboot, I get error message 'shutting down ALSA' and it is just stuck there, so I'd have to force shut it down.

What first brought you to DaniWeb and why did you stay here?

An assignment in C++. Pointers were really confusing me so I asked for help in here. What keeps me here is the community. I figured out that I could really learn a lot of things if I keep visiting DaniWeb and I do, always learning something new daily. I also stayed because I hopefully am and will be helpful to the community, learn more and share the knowledge amongst others.

What one thing would you change about DaniWeb if you could?

The text size of a thread's creator!

Do you have a favorite forum on DaniWeb and why?

Linux, Networking, Java and Python because that's pretty much all I do.

Which DaniWeb member would you most like to meet 'in real life' and why?

It's a bit hard to pick only one, so I'd have go for two instead: James Cherrill to thank him for his lessons in Java, and Mike_2000_17 just because I would be honored to do so. It's not often that you get to meet such intelligent people!

What is the most memorable interaction you've had in the DaniWeb forums, or by PM, in the time you have been a part of the community?

Well, I am sorry to mention this in here but I'd say it was a thread about Ancient Dragon. I assume everyone knows which one I am referring to.

What do you think of the DaniWeb Reward Points scheme, and have you cashed out using it yet?

It is an amazing idea, and yes I have.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

My girlfriend and the gym...

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