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Welcome to the April 2015 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

By the time this newsletter reaches you April Fools' Day will be over, and we are pretty sure there will have been some awesome pranks perpetrated out there on the web as usual. Unfortunately, we won't know what they are thanks to our writing and publication schedule. That doesn't mean we can't share some of our favorites from last year with you though. The masters of the online April Fool have to be Google. How about when the company announced a search for the best Pokemon Master in order to join the company in this new job role to help develop Google Maps. After all, a Pokemon Master is a supreme digital explorer who uses skill and knowledge of digital mapping to find every single Pokemon monster. Google also announced that Google + was rolling out a 'Hoff-Bombing' extension that would add David Hasselhoff into every one of your uploaded photos. Oh, and let's not forget the emoji translation update for Google Chrome which promised to automatically 'emojify' the entire Internet into smiley faces to make it easier and more relevant to everyone. We also rather liked it when some Dutch developers parodied Google Maps and turned it into Google Naps on April Fools, a resource that allowed users to find benches where they could sleep in public places. That was last year, but how about you share your favorite online April Fools' Day prank with us here at DaniWeb. Just head over to the Geeks' Lounge and let us know what got you laughing the most.

Member of the month

This month the member we are inducting into the DaniWeb Hall of Fame is Tcll who has been a community member for five years now. In that time, Tcll has contributed more than 600 posts, half of them in the Python forum. He may not be the highest profile member of the DaniWeb community, but Tcll sure is an interesting one. Read our interview with him and you'll find out why.

Where were you born, where do you live now, where would you most like to live?

I don't like sharing my location on the internet and haven't done so for as long as I've been on it. This includes my name and anything else that could link my online identity to my real-life identity. I don't really have a place I'd most like to live on earth, I've considered Tokyo Japan as it's a very interesting place, but I don't have anything official, other than my own space colony. I prefer an extremely high-tech environment to suit my standards, underground would be awesome.

How old are you?

I've just turned 24 this month, and am enjoying it.

What is your occupation, what's the worse job you've ever done, what would be your fantasy job?

I actually don't have one, nor do I believe I am capable of holding one down. I'm not a good team player, and can't perform to one's expectations I have my own flow you could say, which generally doesn't work well in the job environment. I collect SSI for my autism, just so I can have some form of income to live off of. My fantasy job, I don't have one, I don't like money, and feel I could build devices to get rid of the need for it. Money is a leading cause of corruption (greed) in the hands of bad people who can forsake their own humanity to manipulate it well and misuse it. My family was almost ripped apart by these people, and these people are the reason I want to get rid of it. I understand there is good in money, but the bad constantly pushes the good out of the equation. What happens when it's gotten rid of? Well, the way I see it, kindness is the only option to get you what you want. It's worked for me all this time, otherwise I wouldn't own 8 computers. Half of my stuff I dug out of the trash and repaired, but the other half was given to me by good-hearted people. Make yourself look good in the eyes of others and good will come back to you.

What is your favorite OS, what do you like best about it and what stinks?

If defense was out of the equation, my favorite OS would have to be Windows XP x64, but my second favorite would have to be Xubuntu. What I like best about WinXP is how much I can customize it with almost no hassle (unlike Win7). Linux lacks quite a bit of functionality and often coughs or is hard to work with, though you have a bigger control range with it, which is why it's my 2nd.

What first brought you to DaniWeb and why did you stay here?

I'm not quite sure what brought me here, but what keeps me here is the helpful community and knowledgable members in the community. One day I'll be able to give what they provide me.

What one thing would you change about DaniWeb if you could?

I hadn't really thought about it due to my morals I'd gathered on over 20 forums, but one of my pet-peeves is a lack of features and functionality.

Do you have a favorite forum on DaniWeb and why?

First off, due to termage on various forums, I want to mention my thoughts of the word "forum" as a type of website like a "blog". With that in mind, I prefer Proboard's terms when calling things out of what they are, in which "board" suits the word "forum" here. (forum( > category > board > board > thread). I absolutely love the Python category, as I'm a python programmer (I don't like the compilation process and don't believe in closed source) and couldn't go without mentioning the very helpful members Gribouillis and PyTony. These wonderful members are an amazing asset to this category, and I hope to stand in their place with them one day.

Which DaniWeb member would you most like to meet 'in real life' and why?

I don't think I can answer this one specifically, but this would have to be a toss-up between Gribouillis and Dani. I'm sure there will be more as I haven't been on here long enough to have met more. Why is because I've known these guys to be extremely helpful and being able to collaborate IRL would be a real treat!

What is the most memorable interaction you've had in the DaniWeb forums, or by PM, in the time you have been a part of the community?

I think that one would have to be my first time on a software chat where I talked with Dani about creating a thread on my main project "Universal Model Converter" and got involved in some other member interaction. This is about the time I became more accustomed to the forum and seem to have become more known.

What do you think of the DaniWeb Reward Points scheme, and have you cashed out using it yet?

I will say it's interesting to say the least, though personally I don't think I'd use it.
I don't want to be paid to help people, I just want to give what I can of myself.

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

Well, I'm not afraid to say I'm a game hacker. I like replacing the content in games, even as far as from writing my own story line for the game to improving the game's AI. Leading off that, I just love complexity in video games and am designing new and better systems to make the gaming experience much more realistic with a lot less processing than what we currently have.

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