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Welcome to the July 2015 DaniWeb Digest

You know how Dani likes to tweak things, well the Queen of DaniWeb has got her tweak on again in recent months. Here's just a few of the things she's been up to:

There have been some changes to the chat popup to the effect that this nifty little feature which is built into DaniWeb no longer just gives you access to your own shoutbox as you are used to, but rather to any other chat room you happen to be participating in. So, if you're not currently participating in a chat room and you don't have any new messages to your shoutbox, from now it will default to the Community Center chat. The popup also now auto-loads, but if you hit the 'x' you can close it for the duration of your current browser session, so don't panic about it being there forever. This overcomes the problem that far too few people seemed to be aware that there was a Chat link at the bottom of the screen. Hopefully all of this will get some more people chatting, including you if you are not already the chatty type. Go on, you know you want to!

Those of you with large screen resolutions may have noticed that both the site width and font size have increased, this is really just to keep up with the trend on content-based sites such as ours since the invention of the 4K monitor and the number of members who come to visit with big screens.

It's not just front of house that the magic happens either, out back Dani is making life easier for the moderation team by making life tougher for the spammers. So when we noticed that some spammers had started to abuse the reputation comments system by posting spam within it, Dani introduced a one-click system that instantly shows all reputation comment postings in a timeline and allows the mods to identify spammers, ban them and delete their comments. Nice!

Member of the month

This month the member we are inducting into the DaniWeb Hall of Fame is DaveAmour who has been a community member for five years. In that time, Dave has contributed fast approaching 700 posts, mainly in the C#, PHP and JavaScript forums. With a 92 per cent post quality score, 90 Q&A's helped solved and sitting pretty at position 35 in our skill and expertise endorsements table his site statistics kind of speak for themselves. Now it's time to let Dave do the same...

Where were you born, where do you live now and where would you most like to live?

I was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England and now live in Cannock, Staffordshire next to the famous Cannock Chase – not the one made famous by Douglas Adams in the Book of Liff, but the real one. I can’t say where I would most like to live as I guess I can only choose from the places I have been to right? Well of those Vancouver was really nice but I also love the sun and the sea so maybe one of the Canary Islands would be nice too.

How old are you?

48 – where did time go?

What is your occupation, what's the worse job you've ever done and what would your fantasy job be?

I am a contract .net developer working usually on web based sites or apps. The worst job I have ever done was working in a plastics factory when I was younger. I had to sit there for 8 hours a day watching bottles coming along a conveyor belt looking for bad ones and discarding them. It was mind numbingly boring and I hated it every second. My fantasy job would be a professional chess player or coach.

What is your favorite OS, what do you like best about it and what stinks?

I have only really used MS stuff - never really done much with Linux, Unix etc. I started out with MS DOS 1.0 then windows 3 and all of the versions since. Of these I like Windows 7 and 8 the most I think. I like Windows 8 for its fast boot time (about 8 seconds on my laptop!) and for not having to remember where everything is located – the built in searching works really well. What stinks is the lack of a start button but I normally add my own with classic shell.

What first brought you to DaniWeb and why did you stay here?

I don’t remember why I first came here but I suppose it must have been to get help with some issue or other?

What one thing would you change about DaniWeb if you could?

I would change the colour! I spent the last 14 months working on a purple project and then moved somewhere else where they had purple offices! I am working at GreenDog now so everything is green which makes a change.

Do you have a favorite forum on DaniWeb and why?

I like C# - that’s my main forte I suppose so always like to help where I can.

What do you think of the DaniWeb Reward Points scheme, and have you cashed out using it yet?

I have experienced some issues with it but finally got some money. It was such a small amount though I didn’t bother cashing it out so that DW could keep the hamsters going a little longer!

What are your interests outside of IT and outside of DaniWeb?

At the moment I don’t have many interests outside of IT – being a contractor in the current market where there are new things coming out so fast it is very difficulty to keep up so over the last few years I have had to drop interests in order to devote more time to IT. I do enjoy IT though so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I used to play chess a lot and built a site for my local club. I also used to play a lot of squash but quit that too. Now I do go to the gym when I can and still do find time for TV, films, eating out and music. I used to play guitar a little but now just like listening to music. Sorry I didn’t have more exciting stories but the life of an IT contractor is a little dull I’m afraid!

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