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Welcome to the August 2015 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

Members of the Month

This month we've got a double-header, with two members entering the DaniWeb Hall of Fame. There's jkon who joined us six years ago and Schol-R-LEA who has been with us four years now. Let's see how they match up, head-to-head style. When it comes to Post Quality Score jkon has 93% while Schol-R-LEA just moves ahead on 96%. As far as Reputation Points go Schol-R-LEA has 959, once again beating jkon on 191. Although he has been with us longer, jkon only has 534 contributions compared to Schol-R-LEA with 1856. But this isn't Top Trumps, and it's not all about who has the most of anything; instead it's all about contributing to the community and both these guys do that in spades. So let's find out a little more about them...

How old are you and where are you from?

jkon: I was born at Sparta, in 1977, and currently live in Pallini which is half way between Athens and Marathon. I have previously lived for many years right under the Acropolis of Athens in a condo, but I always wanted to live in my own house with a yard. My ideal place would be similar to what I have now, but with a beach in front of it!

Schol-R-LEA: I'm 46 and was originally from Stamford, Connecticut, but I lived in Berkeley, California for fourteen years. While I have been in the Atlanta area for six years I do long to return to the San Francisco Bay area. If I could afford it, I would live in Berkeley, but my career has been a bit rocky to date so it isn't very likely.

What is your occupation, what's the worse job you've ever done, what would be your fantasy job?

jkon: It's difficult to describe, to be honest, but I am the co-founder of a small IT company which develops web applications amongst other things. Although we obviously pay attention to the front end and SEO elements, I strongly believe that our forte is the software underneath.

Schol-R-LEA: I have worked as both a software developer and a PC technician, but I would prefer to remain in software and ideally be free to work on my long-term design projects: a language called Thelema, and an operating system called Kether. I am currently between positions, and have had difficulty finding work lately. I have not yet completed my BSCS degree, for complicated reasons, and unfortunately have been having some financial issues following my father's death.

What is your favorite OS, what do you like best about it and what stinks?

jkon: I am a very strong supporter of Ubuntu, which I think is one big step forward in the next generation of OS's that have more diversity but with a common ground. What stinks in Ubuntu is the support of some third party applications, although I wouldn't blame Ubuntu for that. It could be better if it relied more on its community, which is a really highly skilled one.

Schol-R-LEA: Ideally, I would finish and use Kether as my OS of choice but that's unlikely to ever be the case. In practice, I usually use Gentoo Linux with the Enlightenment window manager. I find this to have a good balance of features and efficiency. In my experience, the line 'every OS sucks' is correct; the advantage of Linux is that you can largely choose how it sucks, and choose the distro that causes the least troubles for your personal needs. Unfortunately, it requires far more effort than most casual users would want to invest in it; effort that really can't be eliminated, which is why I don't see Linux as practical for general use.

What first brought you to DaniWeb and why did you stay here?

jkon: When I decided to follow a friend of mine and start our own business at 2009, I also decided to move from Java to OOP PHP. I did many tests, and thought back then that PHP 5 would cover my needs and came to DaniWeb to ask about this and learn more. Six years on, and still OOP in PHP is having difficulty in finding its path. Some years ago now, I asked a question in the Unix section that opened up a whole new way of caching PHP object in memory, something that no tutorial ever mentioned. That's why I stay here!

Schol-R-LEA: I've been haunting a variety of programming message boards and newsgroups since the late 1980s, going right back to the Fidonet days. However, I happened upon DaniWeb about four years ago. I had been a regular at Devshed at the time, but had gotten fed up with the atmosphere there, so I chose to go over to DaniWeb most of the time shortly afterwards.

Which DaniWeb member would you most like to meet 'in real life' and why?

jkon: That would have to be Diafol and Priteas. In particular, I think I share a lot of same passion about programming with Diafol, although the programming roads we have taken are quite different. So I believe we would have a lot to talk about.

Schol-R-LEA: Of all the members here I find Mike_2000_17's post most interesting, and while we certainly disagree on several points, I would be most interested in having a face to face conversation with him.

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