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Welcome to the April 2016 edition of our community newsletter, the DaniWeb Digest.

This time last year the newsletter was, perhaps unsurprisingly, taking a look at some of the online April Fools' Day pranks that have made us laugh at DaniWeb over the years. Historically, Google has ruled the roost when it comes to pulling pranks such as the Hoff-Bombing Google+ extension and an update to Chrome that promised to emojify the Internet. If you want to find out more about them we suggest, well, that you Go Google... This year things aren't so funny, what with the breaking news that the FBI has apparently managed to access the encrypted iPhone at the centre of the legal and media storm over the last couple of months. We can't help but wonder if the Feds will be disclosing exactly how this was achieved, after all it must have exploited a vulnerability in the process that can therefore be exploited by others. Full responsible disclosure is required so that Apple can fix it going forward. And no, that isn't an April Fools' joke. If you have an opinion on this, from either side of the debate, why not let us know and get a conversation started over in the Information Security forum on DaniWeb?

The small question

Welcome to a new feature of the DaniWeb Digest where we address one of those questions that have a really easy answer. This month we look at the small question of keyboard keys apparently doing weird things in the DaniWeb Editor. "Occasionally backspace is taking me back to previous pages instead of removing characters" a member posted in the Community Feedback forum continuing "End takes me to the right end of the line (not the paragraph) everywhere else in the web universe, end always takes me to the beginning of the paragraph in DaniWeb. Home is taking me to the beginning of the paragraph (not the line, as it should) right now." The query being that if this was something DaniWeb was doing then it should stop as editing keys should be standard so they do the same thing across all pages within your chosen browser. After some scratching of heads over this, not least as others did not experience the same problems, it looks like rproffitt has the answer: "Paragraphs are text in a single line that can break to the next line as characters fill the text edit box. So here, a paragraph is one long line. Home takes us to the beginning and end to the end of this long line. The editor does not work as say Word does when it comes to Home and End. To me this makes sense but for folk that eat and breath Word, they would call it wrong. Word has no such equivalent cursor move."

The big question

Yes, it's another new regular feature of our revamped newsletter: the big question. How does this differ from the small question, you may ask, well it's all a matter of scale. The big question will address an issue that the DaniWeb community has been talking about and give you the opportunity to join in and add your weight to the debate. Veteran DaniWeb member AleMonteiro asked the community for some tips when moving from Windows to Linux. "I've been using Windows as my main OS since I sat on an PC with win 95. Now I think is time to finally change to Linux!" he said, adding "The main reason I didn't change sooner was because the .NET dev env, but now there's Mono." The main request was for suggestions at to what Linux distro and desktop interface would be best for someone whose usage includes web and Android development, database management, some design and gaming stuff, and using Kali for security testing. AleMonteiro added that "I've been playing with distros on virtual boxes and pen drivers for a while, including Ubuntu, Debian, BackTrack, Kali, SlackWare and Mint" and "I don't like dual boot too much, so the most important question, do you guys think I would be OK with Linux as my main OS using virtual box or wine for a few things(like SQL Server Management Studio)?" Freshly was the first to respond with a recommendation for Arch. "It only includes the essentials and you could customize it to your liking" he said, continuing "you could also try the xfce desktop environment." Freshly also recommended a YouTube video explaining why dual booting shouldn't be considered, and a link to an article about using SQL Server on Linux.

Meanwhile, rubberman suggested starting with a Linux virtual machine. "Install VirtualBox on your Win7 system and create a Linux virtual machine" he said "that way, you can experiment with a number of different distributions until you find one that you prefer." Good advice if ever there was, as you'd expect from this long time DaniWeb contributor. Another DaniWeb oldtimer, Reverend Jim piped up with an alternative of building a liveCD on an external hard drive. "I did this with kubuntu and picked the option to allow perseverance so I could install apps, make changes etc" he said, concluding "you can boot into the liveCD and pick the "try" instead of "install" option." Yet another community stalwart joined the thread in the shape of rproffitt (again) who commented that his office didn't attempt to move entirely to Linux for many reasons. "Since we make our bread and butter on being efficient we use the Windows machines for the Windows app development and Linux machines for its development" warning that "I've yet to see anyone make the move and still deliver on time with the app tested on Windows etc. There's the usual servers (on Linux) for revision and source control, but for the time being I've yet to see any developer crack the nut you are going after."

Check out the full 'Migrating to Linux' thread and add your input here.

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