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DaniWeb is designed, developed, and maintained by a small team consisting of myself (Dani), James, our systems administrator, and Davey, our community manager. I have been working fulltime, largely behind-the-scenes, and often putting in 80+ hour weeks, ever since I was a teenager, to build DaniWeb into what it has grown into today. Servers are expensive, and all of our expenses are paid for out of my own pocket. We have no debt and have never taken any outside funding since our inception in 2002.

This website and its community have been both my livelihood as well as my passion project for more than half my life, and it warms my heart to see how many others out there it touches. If you have ever found DaniWeb helpful, useful, fun, a great learning experience, a place to meet, talk to and share ideas with smart, talented people, or has in some way enhanced your life over the past two decades, please help us out with a financial contribution.

Welcome to the September 2016 DaniWeb Digest

Not only is DaniWeb a true Internet success story, but it's also an example of a service that has stayed true to what many of us see as being what the Internet is all about: free at the point of delivery. That is, we don't charge membership fees to join our community; nor do we demand payment from those who use our resources before providing the help that is sought. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean DaniWeb is free of cost. Servers are expensive, advertising revenue cannot be relied upon to cover these hosting charges. Which is why we are asking that if you have ever found DaniWeb helpful, useful, fun, a great learning experience, a place to meet, talk to and share ideas with smart, talented people, or we have in some way enhanced your life over the past decade, to donate!

Helping us out with a financial contribution, no matter how small, really would be appreciated. It will help us to continue helping you, and helping all the new members yet to discover the wonders of the DaniWeb community. Donating really couldn't be any easier either. Just press the donate button and decide how much you'd like to send. All we ask is that it's a minimum of $1, which really isn't much when you think about it.

What's more, that donation brings you additional member benefits that last a whole month. Benefits such as the potential for getting answers to your questions ever faster, and from even more experienced members than ever. How does that work then? OK, when you donate your questions will, for a month, offer a monetary incentive to the people who answer them. This in and of itself should lead to faster responses. If that weren't enough, however, DaniWeb intelligently matches your question with 5 members who appear most suited (based upon previous activity) to answering it. These members will be messaged with an alert to let them know you need help, and that they could earn money from providing it. If you want more, then donating also brings with it an awesome badge that appears next to your posts and in your member profile so that everyone is aware of your generosity in helping DaniWeb to continue to provide such a high quality service.

Of course, donating isn't the only way to help DaniWeb pay the bills. You can still advertise with us if you want to get your business in front of an enthusiastic and knowledgable audience. Why not plan your next advertising campaign with us? Doing so will allow your brand to interact and engage with that audience, and we truly understand how IT professionals consume information: we've been helping them do that for 14 years now! This devoted, engaged audience enjoys learning, sharing and participating and are very responsive to calls-to action. Our features combine elements of social networking with a professional, industry-focused community. What's more, we will work with you to come up with a well-rounded, custom-tailored campaign that exceeds your goals and matches any sized budget. Contact us to find out more.

The small question

This month the small question is one that moderators and admins at DaniWeb are very used to answering: how can I delete my post? The reasons for asking can vary as much as the post was made years ago and the poster doesn't want anyone to see what they didn't know back then through to students asking for homework help and then discovering that it's against school rules to get code in this way. Obviously there are myriad other reasons for people wanting to have stuff deleted, but the answer always remains the same: sorry, we do not delete posts on request. In fact, we hardly ever delete posts at all. The exceptions being when they are obviously illegal, offensive or somehow break DaniWeb rules in such a way that deletion is deemed appropriate - spam advertising would be a prime example.

Members can edit their own posts within a 30 minute window of posting, which is enough time to correct errors and the like. However, outside of this you cannot delete your own posts as doing so would devalue the DaniWeb database for the whole community. Imagine a thread with an integral post missing, breaking the continuity of the discussion or a thread with gaps leading to it becoming nonsensical. Also, deleting the first post in a thread also deletes the comments that follow; imagine if you had put time and effort into one of those comments only for it to vanish at the whim of someone else? If you want errors corrected outside of the edit window, then contact a moderator or flag the post and ask for those corrections to be made. If appropriate, we will make them. If there is personal information that you want removed from a post, do the same. Ultimately, the whole edit and delete question is answered by the DaniWeb Terms of Service which state:

Members may edit their posts for a limited time period immediately after submission, for the purpose of correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and accidental omissions. After this initial period expires, posts may only be edited or deleted by DaniWeb team members, and only in cases where they do not comply with our forum rules for the purpose of making said content comply with all rules. As a discussion community, posts contributed by many members work together to form coherent discussions. Altering or deleting individual posts may have consequences that unfairly extend to other members of the community. All members are held responsible for their actions. As always, think before you permanently post something on the public Internet.

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