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Welcome to the November 2016 DaniWeb Digest

Why does Google hate DaniWeb?

Four years ago, we started our November newsletter with a report entitled Surviving Sandy. DaniWeb had been hit, like other inhabitants of New York's Long Island, had been hit by Hurricane Sandy and left without any Internet connectivity for a while. Fast forward to now, and we are faced with another destructive force blowing through DaniWeb. This time it's Geostrophic Google. That probably needs a bit of explaining, so here goes. A geostrophic wind is one that blows in a straight path, parallel to isobars or contours, at a constant speed. Blowing straight through our traffic here at DaniWeb, at a constant and destructive speed, is Google's apparently growing dislike for forums. Actually, let's refine that a little: Google dislikes discussion forums. It sure doesn't seem to have lost the love for Q&A style forums such as Stack Overflow or Quora, that's for sure. But if you prefer your answers served up within mature and meaningful conversations around the subject matter; where the facts of the matter can be debated and the personality of the people contributing to the conversation become part of the eventual, almost organic, answer then nope, Google hates that. Or at least it does now. It started hating forums with the introduction of the now notorious 'Panda' algorithm update, and it's been getting more hateful ever since. It never did before that, and the vast majority of DaniWeb traffic originated from the search engine in fact. But now, Google sends very little traffic in our direction because it hates discussion forums such as ours and in particular it hates the long tail queries that we love so much.

How forums can fight back

Here's the thing though, we know you love those these things or you wouldn't be here with us on this journey. Neither we, nor you, can do much about the fact that Google seems to be unable to differentiate between spam forums that exist purely to generate click through ad revenue by any means and awesomely-moderated, genuinely useful and ultimately important ones such as DaniWeb. What we can do is ask you to help us by getting active on DaniWeb; to post new questions and help with the existing ones that remain unanswered. Why not join in the discussion on a subject you care about? How about letting the teacher in you out and contribute to the conversation by way of a coding tutorial? Worried that, as a newbie member, you just don't have that level of experience ye? No problem, head over to the community centre (just click on the hamburger at the top right and pick 'Community Centre' from the choices that appear) and tell us what it is about tech and coding that excites you, what your tech dreams are, what it is that makes you tick? Let's put up a Google windbreak and stop that storm of search-related disinterest from blowing this community apart? We've been doing all we can behind the scenes, but now it's over to you. If you care about DaniWeb then start voting with your words, with your questions, with your posts...

Here's why DaniWeb deserves better from Google

Yes, we are blowing our own trumpet this month. The tune coming out of that trumpet, truth be told, belongs to you though. Without the contributions of our members over the years, crossing two decades in fact, DaniWeb would have nothing, be nothing. What we are is more than the sum of our parts. DaniWeb is the king of the long tail query, the mother of all tech discussion forums, the true home of the tech-loving masses. Check out just a handful of recent postings, and you'll see why we deserve better from Google...

Problem with SQL syntax when trying to get value from $_GET[]

23 replies so far in this educational thread:

"I want to make a script that changes pictures depending on the type. I am getting a error on SQL but I don't know what I am doing wrong."

Type conversion from string to const char * problem

13 replies so far in this C++-related thread:

"I am facing an issue in string to const char pointer conversion. I am doing stuff in the fun() but here I am just giving my example. When I print the value in fun() function before returning it, it is printing fine. (#1) When I print the value after const char (#2), it I'm giving some random values (sometimes empty, adding some characters at the end etc.) When I print the value after returnValue2, it is working fine in all cases. (#3) What's the problem with the case #2? Can't we do it the way I have done in #2? Please explain.

Junction with OneDrive

20 replies to this storage-related query:

"I have a problem with OneDrive. I have a junction which points to another folder on the same drive as the junction; the problem is the junction is taking up space. I want to remove the junction but keep the original folder location but yet still have OneDrive sync the files from the original file location."

Memorable Quotations

On the lighter side of DaniWeb, this 7 year old discussion has seen more than 1,000 contributions and is still going strong:

"I was wrong only once in my life. I thought I was wrong but I was wrong. - Unknown"


"The prolem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. - Charles Bukowski"

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