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Welcome to the February 2017 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

According to a new survey from Intel Security, Nomophobia is putting both relationships and data at risk as Valentine's Day fast approaches. Nomophobia is a term for being scared of being out of mobile phone, or social media for that matter, contact with others. The research found that 79% of those surveyed felt anxious if ever without their smartphone. Indeed, more than half (53%) check their smartphone in social situations and the same number said smartphone use had interrupted a romantic moment.

We think we know what is causing both the anxiety of not having access to a mobile device and the interruptions: people cannot stand to be away from DaniWeb. Especially now that the new and improved User Interface makes DaniWeb a lot easier to use wherever you are. Seriously, give it a go from your smartphone and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

The new forums drop down makes jumping to a particular forum of interest easy peasy. Click on a forum category, choose a sub-forum and you are presented a menu of popular tags to help you get straight where you want to go. If that doesn't find what you want, then our new and improved search feature sure will. If you haven't used the search function in a while then oh boy are you in for a shock. We've completely overhauled this and it works real sweet now, on any device and for any situation. Not only is it seriously speedy, it's amazingly accurate at tracking down the information you are after right across the DaniWeb experience. Sorry Google, but using your search in our site really sucked. Taking it truly in-house has made all the difference.

Dani has spent a lot of time this last month or so in ensuring that DaniWeb is as simple to use as possible, so as to let nothing get in the way of either finding or providing help. The hamburger menu on a smartphone, or top of the page toolbar on your desktop or laptop machine, is a great example of this.

Either way, you get options to 'Read, Answer or Ask' and that, dear reader, is really what DaniWeb is all about isn't it? Click read and you are presented with a bunch of articles that are recommended just for you, based on where you've been and what you've done before. Answer, meanwhile, brings you to a page of unanswered questions that you can answer and ask, as the name suggests, pops up the posting template to let you ask for the help you need.

So, this month of all months, come and visit DaniWeb on your laptop and on your smartphone; come and feel the IT knowledge love that DaniWeb can spread. Oh, and why you are here, tell us exactly why you love DaniWeb so much and what else we can do to make you love us even more! Tag your post with geeks-lounge and love-daniweb.

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