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Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

The name March derives from the Roman god of war, Mars. But there's nothing violent or argumentative about March as far as we are concerned here at DaniWeb. Instead, we prefer to focus on the fact that for many years March was historically seen as not only being the start of spring but the start of the new year. The American poet Emily Dickinson once wrote that March is "the month of expectation" and that certainly applies to DaniWeb in spades. Not only is there a bunch of new stuff to announce, but we expect that our announcement of March as 'Be Nice to Newbies' month will find favour amongst members new and old. Oh, and if your expectation is that we will stop being nice to newbies come April, then be prepared to be wrong: DaniWeb is on a mission to be nice to newbies forever.

Being nice to newbies

We are a community of members helping other members, and how can we do that effectively unless we adopt the Bill and Ted concept an 'be nice to each other.' We could name quite a few other forums aimed at helping programmers where that help comes at the cost of politeness, encouragement and true community spirit. But, in the spirit of being nice, we won't; we will just say that despite there being a stack of rude forums that overflow with curmudgeonly members, DaniWeb is not one of them. So, why not pop over and post a question to test the water? You will soon discover just how eager our volunteers are to help you. Or, if you are already experienced in your chosen field of development, why not browse the unanswered questions and accept the challenge to help someone out in March?

Don't worry if you get something wrong, although reading the posting rules (don't worry, there aren't many of them) first will help get things right. However, we know that mistakes happen and we also know that sometimes you just want to get help and are focussed on that alone. Whatever, our friendly community are there to help and will point you in the right direction to ensure you find the assistance you are seeking. "When I started DaniWeb, I was a 19 year old newbie" DaniWeb founder and CEO Dani Horowitz says, continuing "I attracted other newbies. But there was a loyal following. As the expertise of the loyal members increased, they started being able to help with more advanced questions. We've always relied on fostering the next generation."

Participation at DaniWeb really couldn’t be easier. The effort that the Queen of DaniWeb, Dani herself, puts into ensuring the user interface is both powerful and intuitive really shows. How easy? Well, to browse the questions for help in our forums just hit the ‘Read’ button; to discover suggested topics waiting for someone to provide help hit ‘Respond’ and to post a question yourself just click on the ‘Contribute’ link.

New! Moderator…

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the addition of the first new moderator to DaniWeb for quite some while now: rproffitt

While Robert may be a new moderating face to DaniWeb members, not only will many of you know him from his many contributions to myriad forum discussions here on DaniWeb but what you might not know is he is also a moderator over at the very popular CNET forums. Please take the time to congratulate Robert on his promotion in this thread and join with us in welcoming such an experienced forum moderator to our community.

New! Editor...

In response to user demand, Dani has finally finished the development work on a brand new full screen editor for DaniWeb. Why not give it a try? Just click the full screen icon in the editor toolbar (or press F11) to enter full screen mode. ESC and F11 will both exit full screen. If you need a guide to using Markdown while in the new editor mode, just press the ? icon in the toolbar.

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