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Welcome to the May 2017 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

Here at DaniWeb our registered membership list has grown to well in excess of a million people. You are amongst that number of you wouldn't be reading this newsletter. Sadly, the nature of support communities such as ourselves is such that a lot of people come for the help they need at the time and despite getting it (delivered in the DaniWeb trademark 'technically accurate but always with a smile' manner) don't come back again. If you are amongst this number, we wonder if we could tempt you back for one more look? Especially if you were a newbie back then and can consider yourself something of an accomplished programmer now. Why not give something back to the community that helped you, by helping someone else?

Here's just a recent snapshot from last month of what has been happening on DaniWeb while you have been away.

In the programming forums:

shivya_1 asks "I am facing a problem in inserting data into database through PHP.
'Connection is established properly.'
Error is:-error in your sql syntax, correct your query."

charlie.kirk.140 asks "My table contains both urls(http://) and email addresses. Using PHP, I want to take different actions depending on the current record and don't have a clue. Any advice?"

yosri_1 asks "I'm realising motion detection that compares two successive frames saved in directory using OpenCv. The code is successfully debugged, but when I run the app it displays an exception, any help please?"

Aob asks "I am having trouble not knowing how to do a Java code that will take a user string and then encrypt it using Elgamal algorithm."

And UI asks "In PHP, when interpreting other types as Booleans, I am told 'Don't use double as Booleans.' I do not understand this. Why can't you use a double as a boolean?"

Meanwhile for the hardware and software experts, there were these:

Bondi71 asks "I hope I can get some help in the venture in achieving my CCENT/CCNA. I have done lots of research and been have come to the conclusion of using:3x 2621XM's or 3x2821'S (Routers) and 3x 3750 / 3350 (Switches). I eventually want to venture into CCNP onwards and was looking at the Cisco 2901/2921 etc but would that be overkill as would like to future proof myself by spending the little extra?"

Adrian_12 asks "Hello, I have my "old" windows 7 machine that I would like to maintain as much data and programs as possible. I bought a new Windows 10 machine and noticed that Windows Easy Transfer is not there. I have seen various post online about upgrading to the same machine but they don't seem to apply when dealing with two different machines. Any suggestions?"

And Siberian asks "If all computers are on a network sharing the same network name. The only group or userName I can assign to the network is; everyone. How can I give each computer it's own unique name that is only specific within the Share permissions for a Group or Username?"

Maybe your passion is SEO and marketing? There's plenty to get your teeth into in the Digital Media section at DaniWeb, such as:

Shilpa_5 asks "What About Structured Data? is it helpful for quickly index in search Engine?"

sam_33 asks "How to do forum posting without spamming?"

And designalex asks: "I have 2 domains:
example: noranking[dot]com (mostly related to motoring), example: decentranking[dot]com (related to Tech)

noranking[dot]com has no search ranking but the domain is dear to me, I have it forever and I don't want to lose it!
Over a period of 8 years or so, the domain had very poor content and it was just outright terrible. I have been working on the domain for a few weeks. I can see some improvement even though its very very little of nothing. The results are nowhere in the search results. This domain also has zero organic traffic.

I have another domain (decentranking[dot]com) which is better in terms of ranking but quite frankly, the name is silly! I have good ranking for some phrases and it gets decent traffic from organic traffic.

I'm thinking of permanently moving all the content from noranking[dot]com to decentranking[dot]com and making that my primary and only functioning domain. I will be doing this WITHOUT a 301 re-direct as there's no benefit in having users redirected. There are no users at all and I don't want decentranking[dot]com to be effected by the diseases of noranking[dot]com. I'm thinking of deleting all the content on noranking[dot]com

Kindly give me your thoughts on the above, am I missing something?"

How about you?

That should give you an idea of the kind of questions, across a broad swathe of the IT landscape, that ends up at DaniWeb. If you want the satisfaction of helping out these guys, or maybe have a question of your own to ask, why not come back and visit us again. You will always be welcome, and who knows you might end up one of growing band of veteran posters that the community holds in such high regard?

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