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Welcome to the DaniWeb Digest for June 2017!

DaniWeb is a great community, full of experienced folk just waiting to help you solve your problems. Trouble is, you need to help yourself by posting your question in the right place to start with. Sure, we have a 'tagging' system now that encourages you to use appropriate tags to identify what the post is about, but frankly if you ask a question about a C++ problem in the community chat section then don't be surprised if help is slow in coming back in your direction. Remember, all DaniWeb moderators are volunteers who donate time out of their busy professional schedules to assist in keeping the community running smoothly. That time is usually taken up by deleting spam, and banning the repeat offenders that post it, along with answering questions in their individual areas of expertise. They may well not have any time left to comb through places like the community forums and manually move posts into a more appropriate section. So, when hitting that big 'contribute' button be sure to check where the post is heading before you send it on the way there. Here's the most helpful hint, especially if you are not already browsing in the most apt place for your query: click on the link that says 'Need to do something different instead?' in the new post editor, and that will open up the forum drop down menu so you can select the best posting placement.

Now that we've got that out of the way, here's our regular round-up of some recent posts that you might have missed. Take a look, and join the conversation if you think you can help or add something of interest:

In the programming forums:

Mr.M asks "I'm not a c++ dev but a VB.NET developer. I will first explain my scenario so that the question would be clear. Suppose I had a form which has a Label control named label1 and the project name is Test which is done in a Visual Studio using the CLR template. Now I have functions (Tasks which the application should perform) on Test.cpp. My question is how do I update a label1 control within Test.cpp file inside the function?"

josh_4 asks "I´m not a professional in, but I've tried to make a tool for my colleague and me. I got a XMLTreeView on my form and I loaded a XML-File in it. Now, I want to set each node in the XMLTreeView another icon, but it must be set by the XML-File. How can I set the icon for each node?"

Mhecha asks "I am trying to create edit-form but there are some problems which I can't determine by myself. I can't echo inserted record and updating."

Meanwhile for the hardware and software experts, there were these:

Mackenzie_1 asks "I forgot my password on my Toshiba Windows 10 laptop. Now every time I turn it on it has a black screen with a white box that says 'enter password' but I don't know the password. I need to somehow reset my whole laptop."

lewashby asks "I've been using rsync and or luckybackup for a while now to sync my desktop's music library to my micro SD card for my digital music player. Today I noticed that my music player wasn't showing one of my albums so I've started investigating and I've found that it's not the music player but is more likely to be rsync, but I don't understand how or why. After syncing I check the SD card manually and sure enough this album is still not being synced."

ali-d asks "We currently have 7 computer labs with at least 20 PC's in each. We have to lock the equipment so that it's not taken, and our currently solution is to catch all the cables in a padlock and lock them. Does anyone have a suggestion for alternatives that we could use instead?"

And if you've ever thought that simply having a recent backup is enough to save you from the threat of ransomware, think again. This DaniWeb News Story explains why this isn't necessarily the case and an innovative new method of protecting backups from this most pernicious of malware genres.

OK, so maybe your passion is SEO and marketing? There's plenty to get your teeth into in the Digital Media section at DaniWeb, such as:

Mikky004 who asks "What should be the minimum domain authority for any website to get rank quickly on Google search results?"

swapna_2 asks "What is the SEO impact of migrating from http to https? Can anyone explain it in detail?"

That should give you an idea of the kind of questions, across a broad swathe of the IT landscape, that ends up at DaniWeb. If you want the satisfaction of helping out these guys, or maybe have a question of your own to ask, why not get posting yourself? Who knows, you might end up one of the growing band of veteran posters that the community holds in such high regard...

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