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Welcome to the August edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our newsletter that is exclusively for DaniWeb community members.

This month we are asking DaniWeb members, new and old, to do one thing: ask a question that will stretch our experts.

That's it, seriously. If you have a question about coding, web design, SEO, hardware or software, operating systems or anything related to IT that has been bugging you; ask it on DaniWeb and we'll do our best to give the definitive answer.

Obviously there are a few caveats to this simple request, and they are pretty simple as well. Don't ask us to do your homework for you as that's not what we are about, although we will help you understand where you are getting stuck if you post your code to show you've at least made some effort. And don't just search other forums for a question to copy to DaniWeb, that's not what we are after either. All we want are your genuine questions, those things that have bugged you and you can't get an easy fix from Google to solve them.

It may sound like we are making things hard for our community of volunteers, but that's the way we like it. We'd rather be scratching our heads and exercising our brains than saying 'go Google' to be honest. The DaniWeb expert community loves a challenge.

So, please, put us to the test!

To give you an idea of the kind of thing we are looking for, here are some recent questions that fit the brief.

NetJunkie asks "I am developing an application for a friend that wants to have a blue light reducing effect for his every day browsing. I have been able to accomplish the task by making my form full size, opaque and the back color being orange, like most other filtering apps. The issue with this approach is I am unable to figure out how to enable clicks on other applications and windows below my form. I have attached the code below and would love some assistance on figuring this issue out."

Var_1 asks "I'm currently developing a web page that when a user inputs the data needed in Advance Filtering and clicks on the button 'Search Result', the table will show the data needed. But the problem is I get an error of 'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fnDraw' of undefined' when the user chooses the input. Can anyone help with my problem?"

Nether_1 asks "Since OpenGL uses the strange system of 1s and 0s to represent location on the screen, I'm trying to figure out how to switch it to standard x, y coordinates like those that are used on a graph. So, to clarify: How do I make it so that the bottom left corner is the starting place of 0,0 instead of the center of the screen, which is where OpenGL Defaults it too?"

Curious-Gorge asks "So this is a new installation of Fedora. I'd not used Fedora in many months prior to this point. I had Fedora 25. However the Wifi on this machine is quite troublesome. There are times when the connection will stop completely. I will try to load a webpage and the connection just dropped. It tries to reconnect but sometimes it doesn't even show nearby Wifi APs. It just keeps cycling and never shows anything. I am very frustrated."

rzeune asks "I have a microcontroller-based widget connected to my home network that monitors some sensors and controls the garage door. I'd like for it to work one way if I'm home and a different way if I'm not home. It could determine if I'm home by looking for my cell phone on the local network. Is there a simple way to do this? The preferred scenario is to find the phone at any IP address (using MAC ID?), but I could have the router assign it a fixed IP. Also, it would be better if I didn't have to run an app on the phone, since that will require Android programming and battery drain."

ddanbe asks "In a XAML file you can add a control like a Button and start to edit its attributes like <Button Width="200" ... When you type in Width you get something like Width="|" and is rather nice. After typing 200, you end up with Width="200|" Does anyone knows a way to let the text insertion pointer jump over the the last " Now I use the mouse for it, but it feels not good is there no keyboard shortcut for it? Google did not give me an answer."

lewashby asks "I've downloaded the file "qt-unified-windows-x86-3.0.0-online.exe" and installed Qt and I've also downloaded and unpacked the file "". I'm using Python 3.6 but I can't figure out where to drop the extracted PyQt5 files. I can't find a Python directory anywhere on my C: drive except for under my home directory.
Any ideas where I can drop these files and how do I validate that I have Qt up an running in Python? Thanks."

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