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Welcome to the November edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our newsletter that is exclusively for members of the DaniWeb family.

At the top of every DaniWeb page, and the bottom of this newsletter, you can't help but notice the 'Read, Respond, Contribute' buttons. Together they pretty much represent the DaniWeb community mantra. We encourage every member to engage with the community in at least one of these ways, and ideally all three. Reading the incredible knowledge base that has been built up over the last 15 years is invaluable for newbies and veteran developers, coders, site owners and Internet marketers alike. If you are not sure where to start reading on DaniWeb, then just hit the 'Read' button and topics recommended for you will appear as if by magic. Magic that gets better the more you read, the more you participate, and we learn what floats your IT boat.

Quite often, just a quick search of the database will reveal the answer to that question which brought you to DaniWeb in the first place. Also, by reading posts concerning your area of interest or expertise, you may well spot unanswered questions that you can help with or incomplete answers where you can fill in the gaps. Which is where the respond bit comes in. Or you could just hit the 'Respond' button which will present you with a bunch of recommended topics that are awaiting a response. If you can help others out, not only will it make you feel better to know you are sharing your experiences and acting as a virtual mentor, but your community kudos will build as those you help show their appreciation by way of upvotes and reputation points.

Both reading and responding are ways of participating in the DaniWeb community, so what the heck is that 'Contribute' button for then? Well, assuming you have already searched the database for answers posted in the past and remain in a state of 'Being Bono' (still haven't found what you're looking for) then that's where the contribute button comes in. Hit this and you can ask your own question, and a whole lot more. The input form that appears defaults to starting a discussion thread in the community center forum, which is where we encourage new members to say something about themselves by way of an introduction. It's not the place to ask for technical help though, so make sure you click on the 'Need to do something else instead?' link which opens up the forum and topic type dropdowns. Choose the most appropriate forum for your question, and you'll stand the best chance of getting a relevant and speedy response from the experts in our midst. Maybe it's not a question you have to contribute, but a tutorial to help others? So use the topic type dropdown and you can do that as well. Remember to enter some keywords to tag your post, as this will help others searching the database to find you.

So, please, if you value DaniWeb then help us to continue helping you and others like you by joining in with the Read, Respond, Contribute community culture...

And sticking with the community culture of DaniWeb for a little longer, try clicking on the person icon at the top of the page. This releases a dropdown menu of options relating to you and your activity as well as enabling you to interact with others. As far as the latter is concerned, you can endorse members for the skills they have shown in helping you and engage in realtime chat with other members who are online at the same time as you.

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