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Welcome to the December edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our newsletter that is exclusively for members of the DaniWeb family.

It's that time of the year again, when we see the hands of time swallow up another 12 months of DaniWeb activity. And what a year it has been. Despite everything that has been thrown in our direction that would have seen others fail, the DaniWeb community remains; albeit not as active as it once was. The support of our members, old and new, is still there. The team of volunteer moderators, without whom DaniWeb would drown in a sea of spam, likewise. Our community remains one of support and loyalty, and refuses to allow these core values to be diminished even in times of hardship.

Dani, the Queen of DaniWeb, continues to tweak and improve the site itself while listening to what the community is saying in order to deliver the user experience the members want. Behind her, the admin team deal with member complaints (which are few and far between) and debate policy behind the scenes in order to support the work of the moderators.

Of course, the biggest thanks have to be reserved for the community itself. You continue to support us with your questions, answers, code and chatter.

So, with great pleasure, we say 'Happy Holidays' no matter where in the world you may be:

Joyeuses FĂȘtes - Felices Fiestas - Trevlig Helg - Boas Festas - Mutlu Bayramlar - Sarbatori Fericite - Jie Ri Yu Kuai - Bones Festes - Tanoshii kurisumasu wo - Buone Feste - Ii holide eximnandi - Forhe Feiertage - Prettige feestdagen - Hau'oli Lanui - Vesele Praznike - Selamat Hari Raya - Sretni praznici!

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