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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the January 2018 edition of the DaniWeb Digest, our community newsletter that is exclusively for members of the DaniWeb family. Yes, as hard as it is to believe, it really is 2018 already! Aside from wishing every member of DaniWeb a very prosperous and fulfilling new year, we have to single out one particular group for attention as we enter this new year: the moderators.

Every one of the DaniWeb moderators is a volunteer, who gives up their free time in order to help keep the community running smoothly. This not only involves these veteran, highly-skilled, programmers, developers and IT professionals ensuring that your support questions are answered promptly and to the best of their extensive ability (often either starting the solution thread, or keeping it pointing in the right direction) but also a whole lot more that goes on behind the scenes. Like everything 'behind the scenes' the clue that it's being done so efficiently is when the general community membership doesn't know anything is being done at all.

Perhaps the greatest example of this has been happening for the last couple of months: a spam and scam flood. Hopefully you won't have realised that every hour, of every day for the past few weeks, spammers have been flooding DaniWeb with posts advertising fraudulent 'official support' telephone hotlines that are actually just scams to take your money off you. When we say flooding, what do we mean by that? Well, new accounts created to the tune of hundreds each week; those that manage to evade immediate detection and removal then posting hundreds of these scam messages every hour. If you have been unlucky then you might have spotted some of them that have been posted and before the team of moderators, and admins, have managed to delete them and ban the accounts responsible. We are lucky at DaniWeb that our team of mods are based on both sides of the pond, in Europe and the US, so cover time zones pretty well. That said, it is taking a huge amount of work just to keep on top of this - yet that's what our volunteers are doing.

The scammers and spammers will not win, and we will do whatever it takes to drive them away. As most get paid by the number of posts that 'stick' to a target forum, these guys are not going to get rich from DaniWeb. Not a single post remains up, they all get deleted, which means no earnings for the losers responsible. And it's all thanks to the winners that are the DaniWeb mods. So, with no further ado, let's give a round of virtual applause and some meaningful thanks to: Gribouillis, JamesCherrill, Reverend Jim and rproffitt.

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