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Welcome to the June 2018 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

DaniWeb remains the great community it has always been, full of experienced folk just waiting to help you solve your problems. Here's the thing though, you not only need to come and visit more often with your questions (and answers) but also know where to post them. This is easy enough when it comes to helping folks out, scroll through the posts and pick the ones you can add your comments to. But it seems to be a little harder for some when it comes to asking those questions in the first place. Sure, we have a user-friendly 'tagging' system that encourages question askers to use appropriate tags that identify what the post is about; but if you ask a question about C++ in the community chat section then help could be slow in coming. DaniWeb experts tend to be experienced in a particular subject or two, and so are drawn towards those forums that deal with these areas. They simply might not see your question if it's in the wrong place, or at least not see it as quickly as they might otherwise have done.

Yep, DaniWeb has moderators who move postings into more appropriate forums, but they are all volunteers and their time is limited. Why risk them missing your misplaced posting when it is easy enough to ensure it's in the right place to start with? Here's how: when hitting that big 'contribute' button be sure to check where the post is heading before you send it on the way there. If you are not already browsing in the most apt place for your query, which is likely if you have just arrived at DaniWeb, click on the link that says 'Need to do something different instead?' in the new post editor, and that will open up the forum drop down menu so you can select the best posting placement.

A snapshot of current DaniWeb activity

If you've not visited DaniWeb for a while, why not come and take another look? Here are just some of the threads that are active right now:

Windoze Defender is ruining my gaming: help, it won't let me save

It blocks every attempt to modify any file anywhere. I give Steam and all its subsidiary .exes permission and then it says that there is no permission to modify 'Documents'. I just bought the darned machine to game with and it is freaking driving me nuts. Any suggestions on where to go to fix this?

How to make a multi-vendor website like Amazon?

I was wondering what if I did a big project or small project, how hard is it to make my own multi-vendor website like Amazon? I would like to do everything like the code in PHP, the database in MySQL, without using a platform like Magento! What are the steps to follow and do you have resources or a link to any book or tutorial?

JSON and databases

Hello everyone, I am using a script with Javascript that gives me some values that I decided to store in a var JSON. The thing is that I wish I could store directly on my database. I'm working with wampserver. I tried to do something with PHP but it doesn't write anything on my database.

IIS Windows Server 2012 R2 Installation

So I have an instance of Windows Server 2012 R2 installed to a virtual machine on my local development PC with IIS. The idea being I need to practice and learn about how to deploy sites to web servers. I have tinkered around with some of the settings, but I am not entirely sure how to set up this server for .NET development. Does anybody have a clear cut translation of what exactly I am supposed to do to set this server up so that I can deploy to it?

Will a true AI have a net positive or negative impact on society?

Let's just assume that AI will, in fact, free up a lot of time by taking over jobs that currently require human intervention (cashier jobs seem to be the current hot topic). Presumably all of these unemployed cashiers are now free to be "infinitely" creative. Also assuming, of course that cashiers are actually, on the whole, very creative people who just lack the opportunity to explore their creativity - not to denigrate cashiers, some of whom are certainly stuck in their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control. But given the free time, where will they also get the money they need in order to obtain the education they likely need to acquire the knowledge/skills upon which this creativity can build? Any fire needs fuel and creativity, like fire, cannot exist in a vacuum.

FBI tells router users to reboot now to kill malware infecting 500K devices

Turns out nothing is as simple as this. Updated information follows.

"Update, May 30 at 8:27 am: According to the FBI's PSA regarding VPNFilter, the reboot recommendation is not intended to remove the malware, but rather to "temporarily disrupt [it] and aid the potential identification of infected devices." In other words, the FBI is enlisting you in a search-and-destroy operation. Needless to say, we recommend the aforementioned firmware update and factory reset if you own one of the affected router models."

This makes this a far more onerous task. About half the home users I know of will be able to update the router firmware. At least the affect models (the ones we know about) is on a short list. Read the article for the list of routers you really need to take care of.

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