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Welcome to the July 2018 edition of the DaniWeb Digest

DaniWeb is very fortunate indeed to count so many highly skilled programmers and developers amongst its members. That same statement reads just as true if you replace 'members' with 'moderators' truth be told. Our moderators are veterans with the sort of coding CVs and lifetime experience you'd die for. Thankfully they are the sharing and caring kind, which is why they accepted the offer to volunteer their time as moderators here at DaniWeb. And when we say sharing, we mean it. Not only will you find the moderating team replying to pleas for help in the various forums, but contributing to the community by way of writing tutorials as well.

New members might not realise it, but we have always been proud to have tutorials as part of the social networking meets industry-focused IT community and knowledge database that is the DaniWeb community. You can find them by heading to the section that interests you, let's say 'programming' for example, and then hitting the 'more' option towards the top of the page. Select tutorials from the dropdown menu and you'll find your way into this incredible resource. Moderators who have contributed include rproffitt with the likes of Installing Visual Basic 6 on Windows 10. Legacy Support, Workarounds, Reverend Jim with such things as How to set up file synchronization using BitTorrent Sync (part 1) and even the admins with Dani herself contributing tutorials like Fetch a random 5 rows from the database and happygeek with Looking Inside Schrodinger's Box: A Quantum Computing Primer.

Here's the best bit though, you can add your own tutorials to the system as well. It's probably best to read through a few of the existing ones first, not only to avoid spending time writing something that's already there bit also to get a feel for the tone and format of tutorials on DaniWeb. Once you've done that, go to whatever section covers the topic you are writing about, so programming for example, and hit the 'Start New Discussion' button. This is important, so make sure to take note: Click on the 'Need to do something else instead?' link, and change the topic type dropdown from the 'Discussion Thread' default to 'Tutorial Draft' instead. Rather than write everything in the DaniWeb editor online, we would suggest you compose your tutorial offline in your text editor and then paste into the DaniWeb one, you can then tweak the formatting online. When happy, hit the 'Contribute a New Tutorial Draft' button at the bottom of the page. You will then see a page that informs you the tutorial has not been published, as a member of the DaniWeb editorial team will need to approve it before that can happen. You can insert any relevant tags from this page, and set a publication date from this page. You can also access your tutorial draft if you need to modify it in any way. Once you are happy it is finished and sent to the publication queue, the DaniWeb editorial team will review it as soon as possible and if we like it then it will get published. There may be changes that are required, however, and in that case an editor will reach out to you regarding this.

You might have noticed that the topic type dropdown mentioned earlier has more options than just submitting a tutorial draft. Indeed, you can write and submit a news story, a product review or an interview with someone well known in the programming or development world. Please note, that no marketing or sales focused editorial will be approved. All contributions must be original work, that is not copied from elsewhere (we do check) and you must have the legal right to post it on DaniWeb. Editorial submissions are subject to the same rules as the rest of DaniWeb, and those who try to circumvent these will be liable for infractions and ultimately being banned from the site.

And finally, don't forget if you have written a nifty piece of code that you'd like to share with the DaniWeb community, you can do so using the 'code snippet' topic type. All the same rules apply with regards to original code only, no copying someone else's work and palming it off as your own! For some great examples of what a code snippet should look like, see these recent additions from Reverend Jim: vbScript - An Application to Modify srt Subtitle Files, vbScript - A Multi-column Sort With Minimal Coding, vbScript - Some Useful String Functions, vbScript - Identify File by Perceived Type and vbScript - Convert Integer to Binary String.

So, there we have it, an aspect of DaniWeb that you might just have overlooked in the past. Now is the time to start using this resource, and establishing yourself as a DaniWeb educator...

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