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Can any one Suggest me best live Chat Software For Website.
by Robin_7 in Cloud-based Applications ()
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Does anyone know how to effectively do pivot tables in Google Docs? Do they work the same was as in Excel?
by Dani 1,404 in Cloud-based Applications ()
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It has been a day of coming and going at Google, it seems. Saying hello, again, was Gmail in the UK while Google Docs offline access through Google Gears has waved goodbye. You might think that Gmail had never left the UK, but the truth is that apart from a …
by happygeek 1,574 in Cloud-based Applications ()
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Users of multiple Google accounts have found it inconvenient in the past to have to log in and out of the individual accounts in order to access a particular one. Now you can access all of them from a single browser window . The functionality, which is in the process …
by CatRambo 1 in Cloud-based Applications ()
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Hey guys, I know this is an odd post but I cannot seem to get a straight answer where ever I look! I know you can add stuff to spreadsheet via a form which is great, but I want to create a form that allows me to search through the …
by andrewktmeikle in Cloud-based Applications ()
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