Hi All,

Can you suggest the best cloud open source linux-based software that can be customized and scaled for university/school

  1. registration and administration;

  2. scheduling/timetabling, e.g., for managing teaching and examination timetables?
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That question on google finds such things. However this would require the same support staff to install, configure and manage as most such systems.

Remember this is something you do your research, then make your report to the committee so learn to do such research. That is, I'm starting to see posts like this where folk want others to google it for them and write the report as well!


Thank you for your reply rproffitt. I did some Google search before coming to post here, but would like to hear what folks on this forum say, depending on their experiences, I believe some may even be developers, so they know a lot and can give brilliant highlights.


Here's what I know. I know a team that did such and they did have to go down the usual path of research and writing the reports. Since such is not in the public domain I can only share their superiors were upset that it took the same staff to implement and support as any such system does. There are folk that want these systems to be as easy as installing Microsoft Office. Nothing is close to that.

Hope that helps.

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