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I have a sony lap top, model: VGN-FW390 . It had windows vista originally and then I've changed it to windows 7. but it's functional keys and volume buttons aren't working. I downloaded Hardware detecting deriver but doesn't work. It errored it just work for vista! Does it mean i can't repair it never unless by windows vista again?
what should I do?

i have vaio f133 , i tried download driver for function key after change the windows(win 7) but isn't work. what should i do.

my laptop key FN board is not working. please can you help me? i bought Sony Vaio VPCYB15ag color green in riyadh then I reformat it using new upgraded OS Windows 7 Ultimate the only problem is the smart network and the Function keys such as FN+(f2,f3,f4,f5,f6,f7,f12 etc..) are not working... please help me this problem. thank you...

i would like to ask some help here. I have a Sony Vaio Laptop

Example: Fn+F6 (to reduce the Brightness)
Fn+F7 (to increase the Brightness)

all the Funtion key is not working anymore. Is there anyone can help me to solve the problem? i think i need to get the sony software inorder to makes the Function Key to work? Or i can use a third party software to create the Keyboard Function Key?

Btw my Sony Vaio Model is VGN-NW265D

Please advise that under Windows System Device Manager and what file to be delete ??? ...
Also my SD Card Reader not working ?? Tried everything - what can go wrong ?

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