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In my experience, running Windows(R) side by side of Linux can be dangerous, I think. I have concluded that the Windows(R) bootloader detects the other bootloader and thinks its a threat. So many times the grub gets nuked & you need to run rescatux or a similar Linux distribution to resolve the mbr being gone.
The stable safe idea is to run virtual operating systems. Download i.e: oracle vmbox on Windows and run the other o/s through it.
Unless your happier with Linux, then do the reverse. Booting Linux, then virtually booting Windows, is more stable for Windows(R). More stable than just running Windows(R). As per it does not actually have direct access to the resources, i.e: ram & cpu. Windows only thinks it does.
Also always keep a backup of your data. Things happen youre tinkering around learning.
Personally I would use Linux-Mint over Ubuntu, they have exceeed my expectation well over Ubuntu.

That kind of error does indeed indicate that your computer does not have something installed that the upgraded package depends on. First make sure that you have updated the repository lists on your computer.
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
If you still get the message that some packages can not be upgraded because of package dependency problems, do a distribution upgrade.
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
This will upgrade your packages, as well install newly dependent packages, which upgrade will not do; it just tries upgrading your existing packages.

Linux-Mint was built from Ubuntu. You are not pushed onto a cloud (my issue with Ubuntu), its easier to use & very similar to buntu (as it was was built from it). I used buntu from version 6 to version 10 (which is when they offered the cloud). By version 11 they forced the cloud and i left. In my moving over to Mint, i have been quite happy with it not only for my own use, but new customers i conviced to try it are successful at using it for what they need.
One more thing... i sure do miss the redhat version 3 & 4 installation language for redneck... it was sooo funny. I hope someone makes a distro and puts it back ;)
As i digress... in short, what i am saying is that i think your current linux problems will go away by switching distros to my favorite.

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