Does anyone knows inside facts about iphone i.e. does iphone contain tracker inside. Basically one of my friend brought cheap iphone from someone and he thinks that iphone was stolen...and many people told him that iphone contain tracker or some short of technology that tracks ur location...soo just wondering is any one knows the answer of this question. Yes there are software available that tracks your location but i am sure when you perform factory reset all the software should get removed.....

Actually theres a program on the iPhone that is called "Find My iPhone it can erase lock or even show the location of the iPhone no matter what you do to it at least thats what i know!

To use the "Find my iPhone" app, you would have had to have that setup prior to loosing the phone so that you can track it.

A friend of mine lost his iPhone and tried to get it tracked but the people he called said they can but only if it's a missing persons problem but not if it's just a lost phone. thats in the UK though.

Hey data recpver,
what do you mean by "get an iPhone in an iPhone store"
Here we are asking for process for tracking lost iPhones.
Kindly reply with proper details.

All cell phones are trackable, using their unique imei number. That is registered with all cell towers in range of the device when it is turned on. That is what the "Find my iPhone" app uses to track your phone if it is lost or stolen. Even if the SIM is changed, the IMEI number is hard-wired into the phone. I don't think it can be changed.

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Daniel Jones, drameshgar1 said that

. Basically one of my friend brought cheap iphone from someone and he thinks that iphone was stolen...


ya iphone have a traker..he lost his iPhone but he found it again by some find my iphone app..

Yes iPhone also do have the phone tracker, you need to activate the app i.e. Find my iPhone prior of its theft.

ok all this comments are valid lets say i lost my iphne and someone found it, he can perform factory reseat to delete all apps or delete a specific app that keeps an track of iphone.... Now they want be any trackers will they?

you should go earlier as possible as neareset iPhone Store and from where you can easily find the location of your iPhone.

Hello, everyone...

I think yes, iphone has tracker, you'd better get an iphone in an iPhone store. :)

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