SyncMate is an app which can easily sync data on your Mac with multiple devices.

SyncMate allows syncing Mac OS with Android and Windows Mobile devices, Nokia S40 phones, other Macs and Windows computers, iOS devices (iPhones, iPods, iPads), PlayStation Portable. SyncMate also supports Google and Dropbox accounts synchronization. With SyncMate you can back up data to Online Storage Account (possible to encrypt and protect this data with password).

The full list of supported devices and sync options offered for each of them can be found here http://www.sync-mac.com/syncmate-features.html

SyncMate is offered in two Editions: Free and Expert and allows syncing iCal and Contacts between Mac and supported devices/accounts (free edition) and iTunes, iPhoto, Mail, separate Folders, Notes, To Dos, Time, Bookmarks and lots more in Expert Edition. SyncMate also offers you possibility to manage SMS directly on your Mac.

Those of you who are interested in Expert Edition, can upgrade with 20% discount using this code DANIWEB-20 here http://www.sync-mac.com/purchase

Have any questions? Feel free to ask them (alex.taylor@eltima.com)

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