My interenet explorer is only loading some pages and im not sure why. I got to ebay.com, xe.com, downloads.com and they all work fine. Then i try to go to dogpile.com and it will not load, nor will support.microsoft.com.....also a few of my favorites that i have bookmarked that i have been using for a while suddenly will not load. I am using AVG security and I update often. I also run spybot daily....so I dont think its a hijack. I also deleted cookies and temp files and all that jazz....so if anyone has any suggestions it would be very much appretiated!


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I am having the same problem. I hope someone has a fix, it makes no sense. I have two pc's that are doing the same thing. So I'm not even sure if it is the computers. It maybe my Linksys router. I have already reset it and tried starting from scratch with no resolution.

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