Some links work, some don't


After upgrading to windows 7, I started noticing some odd behavior in IE8.

It became clear when I went to Ebay that some navigation links work, and some don't

Particularly, I can't get from one page of listings to the next. There are some other links that don't work on Ebay as well. I also think I have run into this on some other sites too...

Firefox works fine, I installed the IE9 beta, and the same problems occur

Anybody have any ideas????


What antivirus and antimalware software have you got? Have you scaned with it recently? If so, what did it find?


I am using Microsoft security essentials, plus any number of AD Hoc malware tools; Malwarebytes, etc... for when I get hit with Ransomware...

Security essentials scans once a week, and, of course, is also resident. I'll go ahead and do a deep scan, and see what turns up.


I know there are lots of people used to IE, but why don't you try Opera 11 or Chrome, and there still is Mozilla that's working very hard on Firefox 4 (currently beta 10).



I have switched to firefox, but I'd still like to figure out what's going on with IE...

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